Real Life, Real Hard Conversations

One of the gifts of practicing coaching skills in my daily life is the ability to stay engaged when I enter a spontaneous highly triggering conversation. Sometimes, of course, I choose to walk away. Other times, it feels important to make the space to cultivate the relationship and remember everyone counts. This situation took all … Continue reading “Real Life, Real Hard Conversations”

What is Your Body Telling YOU?

How often throughout the day do you notice what your body is telling you?  Following my total knee replacement in October, I noticed an increase in my awareness of my body’s wisdom. Am I tired? Hungry? In Pain? Need company or alone time? Need more water, spinach, or chocolate? Need to rest or move? My … Continue reading “What is Your Body Telling YOU?”

Stretching Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you were invited (OK maybe thrust!) out of your comfort zone? This theme has come up multiple times in my coaching sessions and with friends this past month. One common characteristic for each person; there is certainty it is a YES to move forward and step into the excitement, trepidation, … Continue reading “Stretching Your Comfort Zone”

Which Experiences Have Transformed YOU?

When have you had an experience that radically opened you up to a new more expanded way of viewing the world and yourself? Discussing these transformative experiences is one of my favorite topics. People have shared with me their near-death experiences, visits from passing or deceased loved ones, conversations with their own soul about their … Continue reading “Which Experiences Have Transformed YOU?”

Your Words Are Powerful

Did you know that your spoken words and thoughts have tremendous power? Research shows us our thoughts and words have an electrochemical nature; they are energy. You literally create manifestations through your thoughts and words that convert energy to form objects, conditions, and experiences. As you bring more focus to any thought, any conversation, you … Continue reading “Your Words Are Powerful”

Empowered Citizenship

The past 9 years in October, I have been invited to facilitate an all-morning presentation on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leaders at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Every year a diverse group of about 40 participants from all sectors of society enroll in this Policy Fellows program.  It is … Continue reading “Empowered Citizenship”

Calling All Leaders (That is YOU)

During these times of accelerated transformation and new possibilities arising, each of us are called to step fully into our role as leaders. We are living in a New Era that is propelling us into our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively. The world is changing, how are you keeping up?  … Continue reading “Calling All Leaders (That is YOU)”

Living in Alignment

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning, exploring, and experiencing new ideas, places, and perspectives. During this time of global distress as we witness suffering in Ukraine and across our world, I more deeply appreciate the tremendous privilege it is to have the space, time, and resources to continue my own … Continue reading “Living in Alignment”

Self-Love Creates Outer Love

Your True Guide to Create Outer Love by Cultivating Self-Love Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Can you feel the uncertainty and fear and permeating the United States and beyond? There is more transparency exposing our sense of lack, scarcity, blame, divisiveness, exclusivity, entitlement, and discrimination. During this month where many … Continue reading “Self-Love Creates Outer Love”

Love in Action

Is 2017 Calling for Love in Action? 2017 is Here, What is This Time Asking of You? For me, I feel an invitation to step up my expression of love in action. The New Year is calling to me more deeply to let my heart sing and live my life, personally and professionally, full out … Continue reading “Love in Action”