During these times of accelerated transformation and new possibilities arising, each of us are called to step fully into our role as leaders. We are living in a New Era that is propelling us into our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively. The world is changing, how are you keeping up? 

Leading as a parent, citizen, professional, neighbor, visionary, practitioner, volunteer, facilitator, coach………. or wherever you lead………. is demanding an increase in skills and capacities. Old outdated systems that run on domination, bullying, power over and fear are being called into question and crumbling. It is a messy wild ride these days.

Whether you consider yourself a formal or informal leader, it is time to fully live in your power, expressing your full potential of gifts, talents, passion, wisdom, and compassion in the world!

I define a leader as

anyone who is taking responsibility for their impact on the world

and optimizes and sets conditions for transformation

to positively influence movement towards greater states of wholeness where everyone is

invited into realizing their full potential.

A leader embodies an awareness of interconnection, honoring the uniqueness of each individual contribution while simultaneously recognizing the value of the whole interdependent system. A leader lives and works from a place of intention, choice, empowerment, resourcefulness, and ease.

Luckily, there are many tools that support our growth to living at full capacity. I am so blessed to teach in several University of Minnesota programs designed to develop leaders. My one-on-one coaching always involves specific competency-building activities and conversations where I and the client leave our sessions being clearer and more empowered. My work inside organizations with leaders and teams is inspiring!

What are some of the tools and areas that can support and guide your development? Here is a list. What topics are you interested in exploring? We will be covering ALL of them in our upcoming 6-month deep dive master course: 

Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Competencies For the New Era

Check out Accelerate Your Full Potential – Cohort 1 – Wednesdays

Check out Accelerate Your Full Potential – Cohort 2 – Saturdays

  • Understand theories of transformation and application to personal and professional development 
  • Utilize spiritual practices to expand into multidimensional awareness
  • Develop and demonstrate group coaching skills and facilitative communications strategies 
  • Expand emotional, social, relational, and spiritual intelligence
  • Deepen and embody your capacity to be a visionary through facilitative leadership and change agency
  • Create mutually inclusive groups that honor equity, diversity and belonging
  • Identify and develop tools to engage with conditioning, resistance, barriers, and pitfalls that arise during transformation 
  • Understand the role of witness perspective in human development.
  • Utilize assessments to accelerate and amplify our self-awareness, knowledge and understanding
  • Develop the skill of being in “liminal space” 
  • Apply mindfulness practices
  • Explore intuition, manifestation and synchronicity concepts and skills to facilitate mastery
  • Understand the energetics of self-healing, consciousness and manifestation through guided exercises, discussion, and practices
  • Utilize ritual and ceremony in coaching, leading, and serving
  • Explore beliefs and the impact on human development
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between trauma and transformation
  • Deepen understanding and methods for self-regulation and resilience
  • Review the barriers and benefits of Othering and Belonging
  • Explore healthy boundaries and relationships personally and professionally
  • Expand inclusion, equity, and honoring diversity
  • Relate purpose, meaning and value to enhancing service and impact
  • Commit to ongoing transformational practices to sustain growth and development

This is a sampling of tools that build our leadership capacity. As we each develop, it is a natural process of what calls our attention next, organically moving from new information and knowledge to embodying the wisdom and making it our own. This process of blossoming into our fully realized self is the most spectacular, fascinating, and sometimes confusing and scary experience there is.

Reach out if there is any way I can support you as you become the most authentic empowered YOU!

Once you fully engage in our own development, it is a joy to see others reach out for guidance as they watch you transform. When you heal and live as your whole and HOLY self, you are a gift that keeps on giving to yourself and every life you touch!

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