Michele specializes in working with people and organizations to align with their authentic, empowered Center Within.

Professional and Organizational Coaching
Organizational development and workplace enhancement takes many forms for Michele. She has led a successful 12 state region in a corporate healthcare company, has been a leader in a small business, and now is a business consultant. She has worked with diverse small businesses including retail, long term care facility, youth ministers, commercial real estate, welding and asphalt companies. She has consulted for large corporations including health care companies, roadway repair organization, and the Anoka Hennepin and Minneapolis public school systems. Michele has also facilitated board retreats, and worked with nonprofit organizations such as charter schools, holistic health foundations, preschools and government agencies. Through her professional and organizational coaching, Michele has facilitated transformative change in her clients; building on their passions, strengths and talents resulting in individuals, relationships and work groups who are more alive, creative, effective, inspired, purposeful, and productive.
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Personal Coaching
Individual coaching and mentoring is a rewarding part of Michele’s experience and includes health and wellness coaching, spiritual direction, authentic communication training, relationship building, and career/executive counseling. Clients may come to develop and strengthen a particular aspect of their life, often leading to expanding their core passion, meaning and connections, and positively impacting all areas of their life.
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Classes and Workshops
Michele offers workshops, presentations and key note talks to organizations upon request. She teaches classes on various topics regarding human development and the transformational process throughout the twin cities and beyond.  Among her experiences are series of classes on stress reduction and relaxation at various health and wellness clubs, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, assisted living facilities, military families, and twin cities United Way recipient organizations. She offers workshops on intuition, collective wisdom and living from your passion at the Metamorphosis Center and through The Center Within. In addition, Michele has coached and mentored inner city pre-school children, teachers and families to embody these life changing skills to improve attention, learning, resilience, and stress reduction. Her series of “Living from the Center Within” is regularly offered throughout the twin cities. For a current listing of her classes, click here.