These in-person and online programs are focused on creating real human connection, awakening your potential, and aligning with your authentic, empowered center within.

Live Gatherings

Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming Book Club

You are invited to join Michele Rae as she leads a book club discussion on her book, Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming

The veils to accessing our nonphysical aspects of being human are thinning.

Daily I encounter people asking me about their increasing access to subtle ways of knowing. As an intuitive holistic coach, I have the sacred opportunity to be a guide for people as they open to more levels of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. In 2017, I wrote this book about the new era that is emerging providing unprecedented opportunity for positive change for humanity and the planet. It is time to revisit the material and utilize the map it provides to navigate as we are catapulted into new ways of living, loving and being.

The systems of the old era of power over are disintegrating.

Humanity has learned the lessons it provided and now we are fully engaged in creating systems that support thriving for all who share a home on planet earth. In community, we strengthen, accelerate, and amplify this naturally occurring process. 

Are you interested in joining in this exploration, upleveling, and refining YOUR multidimensional ways of being and knowing? Join us!

Higher Octave Living Series

Together we embody higher frequencies and support each other as we usher in the new era.

We are, individually and collectively, experiencing waves of higher frequencies. How are you navigating them? As transformational intuitive coaches, Michele and Nina are seeing in themselves and their clients, new inner revelations, insights, and paradigms emerging. We are experiencing ourselves as multidimensional human beings, called to step into our mastery. Whew, it can be overwhelming and confusing. This process of embodying higher consciousness is also apparent in our societies and the collective as old ways of believing, thinking and behaving that no longer serve are being challenged and reimagined. Transformation can be a messy process.

Are you ready to commit to a deeply engaged community as we align with the higher octave frequencies of the new era we are called to co-create?

Would the support of spiritual and energetic practices be useful?

Michele and Nina are delighted to be facilitating and teaching on this timely topic. Each gathering will include teachings and unique attunements to support your individual innate process of becoming your most authentic empowered self!

Are you ready to join our series February – May? If you are reading this, YOU are already IMpowered! Love to have you in at our  monthly Saturday morning gatherings.

Recorded Gatherings

Activating Your Vessel

Co-creating in a new era

You may have noticed that there are significant changes happening in the energetic field. These changes are impacting us in transforming ways- especially with letting go of old and needless stories/beliefs that are not serving us anymore. 

Learn several techniques to help you navigate these new experiences and apply them in your life.

BEING HUMAN: Immersion Series

Entelechy Rising; Turning Inner Potential into Outer Reality​

BEING HUMAN is a four-month immersion journey that promises to upgrade your inner navigation system, open your heart, strengthen alignment with your core values and sacred guiding principles, and expand your vibrational frequency of this current and precious life.

Discover the breakthrough process & well-being tools that bring total mind, body, & spiritual wellness.

Is it time for more vitality in your life?

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