Are you ready for a boost in your spiritual awakening for personal growth and expansion? 

Join us for transformative experiences of sound healing and channeled light languages where ancient wisdom meets modern healing techniques to activate and enlighten.

With Michele Rae, Jill Goux, Leslee Wegleitner & Bonnie Polk

Multiple Dates to Choose from!
In-Person: November 12th 10am - 4pm | Bloomington, MN

These unique events offer a profound opportunity to experience the power of sound vibrations and the mystical languages of light to support your next level of spiritual awakening for personal growth & expansion.

During these immersive events, you will be guided by experienced sound healers and light
language channelers who will create a Sacred Space filled with healing frequencies
and divine energies.

Daily I encounter people asking me about their increasing access to subtle ways of knowing.

As an intuitive holistic coach, I have the sacred opportunity to be a guide for people as they open to more levels of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. In 2017, I wrote this book about the new era that is emerging providing unprecedented opportunity for positive change for humanity and the planet. It is time to revisit the material and utilize the map it provides to navigate as we are catapulted into new ways of living, loving and being. 

– Michele Rae

Amplify and accelerate your awakening process as you step into your authenticity and power

In addition to the enchanting sounds, you will also have the opportunity to participate in
guided meditations, energy clearing exercises, and powerful group healing experiences to support your evolution and expansion of upleveling.

You will be gently guided to release energetic blocks, align your chakras, recalibrate, and recode your energetic systems. This will support your unique path and journey and enhance your capacity to assist others during this unprecedented time in history.

This event offers a sacred space for light workers and way showers to explore the realms of sound healing and channeled light languages as you step into the magic of
vibrational healing to experience a journey of profound self-discovery, renewal, and expansion.

Event Details

What: Sound Healing and Light Language:
Accelerating, Amplifying, and Activating Your Highest Potential

When: November 12th 10am – 4pm | Bloomington, MN


Regular price $148

Discounted price $112 (for those experiencing temporary financial hardship)
If cost is a barrier, please contact us to explore a further discount.

Southtown Office Park
8120 S Penn Ave
Main Floor Conference Room
Bloomington, MN 55431

Other Details:

 Bring your own lunch or you will have an opportunity to place your order from Panera for delivery before start promptly at 10am.

Bring your journal, yoga mat/blanket/pillow if you want to lay down for some of the sound

We will create an alter with an energy ring to hold items you would like to charge with the sound
and light frequencies.

Come with an open heart and willingness to explore and experience the transformational power of sound and Light.

Don't miss these opportunities to nourish your soul, expand your being, and deepen your connection with your highest potential.

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Get To Know Your Hosts

More About Your Hosts

Michele Rae, Transformational Coach & Founder of The Center Within
Jill Goux, Spiritual Teacher & Transformational Coach

Michele Rae through The Center Within provides Transformational Intuitive Coaching and Spiritual Support. She offers guidance through coaching, classes, transmissions, and activations to individuals and groups integrating and embodying higher frequencies as humanity and the earth evolves into a new era. Her service includes radiating activations and light codes providing adjustments to support, accelerate, and amplify her client’s highest potential.

Michele infuses her offerings with wisdom from lifetimes as multiple light beings in various star systems. An aspect of Michele’s multidimensional being is part of a counsel of light embodying the emerging higher octaves now available.

She supports clients as they attune and integrate this higher electromagnetic frequency aligned with the emerging template grid system supporting humanities evolution. We are all adjusting to the emerging divine templates and upgrading our physical biology as well as our energetic systems. Working with Michele accelerates and amplifies this natural process of becoming our most empowered authentic self individually and collectively. 

Jill Goux is a Spiritual teacher, channel, intuitive mentor, transformational coach and master dowser with over 28 years of mastery in her craft as a sacred light worker.

She coined the phrase ‘The Energy Renovator’ with a clear intention to help people better understand and adjust their energetic bodies as they navigate through these epic times and changes on the planet.

Her mission is to help humanity awaken more fully and to raise the levels of vibration and consciousness for a new world to emerge. As an amplifier of light and sound, Jill channels higher dimensions of both Ancient and Galactic languages that both adjust and support each person’s unique encoding.

Her multidimensional gifts help to awaken dormant potential within her client’s light bodies, igniting new sparks of possibilities for healing, recalibration, renewal, and evolutionary expansion.

With her unique blend of powerful insight, compassion, and wisdom, Jill invites people to embark on a soul-expanding journey of self-discovery and transformation on all levels of their being. With unwavering dedication, Jill empowers individuals and groups to remember who they are and the limitless possibilities that reside within them, by connecting to higher realms of their true potential, power and purpose while illuminating a beautiful path of awakening.

Leslee Wegleitner, Fields & Harmonics of Sacred Light
Bonnie Polk, Healer & Intuitive Angel Reader

Leslee Wegleitner is a transformative messenger. Leslee can tune into Universal energy, seeing beyond the physical world we experience with our eyes into the subtle energies that surround everything that we cannot see. She connects clearly and quickly with these energies to find the blocks that shutdown our ability to manifest our desires. 

Developed and evolved over a period of years, Leslee has created the unique transformational modality of Light Language known as Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. These energies resonate with one’s original soul blueprint and send this soul information directly to one’s higher self. Leslee’s Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ are about connecting with the soul, seeding the soul with updated information, shifting the soul to a new perspective, and allowing through Divine timing self-empowerment of the soul to shine.

As Leslee continued to engage and work with Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™, she found a desire to add to her work. Leslee wanted to be able to not only shift energy but to move energy into form. Human Design became just what Leslee was looking for. Leslee’s reconnection after studies many years ago with Human Design and her further study provided a blueprint and new insights. Human Design’s simple strategies for decision-making and guidance fit together well with Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. 

Working with both modalities, Leslee’s work has evolved into an embodied experience. 

Leslee understands how energy works individually as well as in union with the collective. This insight helps her to see why we are here and how we each fit in the totality of the whole. Her clients experience clarity and vision. Grounded integration happens. Co-creating with the unified field, Leslee can consistently experience transformational shifts for her clients and the Universe. 

Bonnie is a healer and intuitive Angel reader who works with her spirit team to deliver guidance, encouragement and comfort to her clients. She is a trained Reiki Master, has studied Healing Touch and Energy Medicine, and is always seeking to learn more.  

Since she was very young, Bonnie has sensed the presence of loving spirits around her. However, it was 15 years ago that she began to share her experiences with loved ones and clients. She taps into divine guidance, co-creating healing, personal growth and expansion for herself and her clients.

In 2019, after a trip to Sedona, AZ, Bonnie experienced light language. While it is still a mystery to her in many ways, it has infused her with rich, soothing energies that have been transformative to her personally and professionally.

Connection to the Divine is our natural state as human beings. Bonnie aspires to align with her true nature, live a heart-centered life and to keep learning and growing every day. She also hopes to help her clients to heal, learn and open to who they really are – divine beings having a human experience.

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