Personal Coaching Testimonials

Michele listens closely, asks questions – and then helps you both to tap your inner knowledge and wisdom; and complements and guides that by her vast knowledge and practice of mindfulness and neuroscience.

I always walk away calmer, wiser, and energized.

– Kate

Michele is part therapist, life coach, spiritual coach, and all angel.

She has transformed my life by helping me re-think aspects of it. I am so thankful for our time together.

– Holly

Michele challenges me to dig deep for answers, and always speak my truth.

I leave our conversations with a sense of clarity and empowerment when I often times enter the conversation with a lot of angst and uncertainty.

– Eva

Subtle ways of knowing

I was introduced to Michele by my sister, Holly when I was going through a very dark period in my life. I had all but lost my spirituality.

My sister refers to Michele as an Angel I would have to agree. I always looked forward to my time with her because I always left more enlightened and inspired, I truly miss those talks and shall never forget them or her.

– Doug

Michele has the gifts of empathy and acceptance. She creates the space for one to walk through personal dilemmas and grow.

– Caroline

Michele’s transformative process teaches and demonstrates awareness, unconditional surrender and alignment with Life’s wisdom and energy.

Her life and teachings helped me with the process of unlearning, breaking old negative behavior patterns that kept me trapped into false belief systems. She uses awareness, patience and practical methods, to help individuals and groups become free from the concepts and emotions that limit their freedom, integrity and ability to love themselves and other unconditionally.

For me, it has been a window into a whole new landscape where there resides balance, energy and wisdom.

– Bill

I worked with Michele as part of a post-grad program at the U and found her input to be invaluable. Her ability to hold neutrality, demonstrate acceptance, and demand integrity was a magical combination for me.

I recommend her as a resource for my clients and friends without reservation.

– Jane

Subtle ways of knowing

Michele’s insights and intuition have significantly changed my perspective on how I view many things in my life. Her thoughts and words stay with me daily. Michele has helped me to “Be true to myself”. Very simple but everlasting.

– Tom

Michele is a strong, wise, intuitive woman with a gift of sacred presence. She is a skilled listener who exudes compassion and creates safe space that invites vulnerability, risk, and growth. Michele helps me feel validated. She helps me name the holes in my life and coaches me to shift my energy toward holiness.

She offers effective vocabulary, images, metaphors and exercises that challenge me to exist at a higher frequency in the world. Working with Michele will help bring energy healing so you can have deeper relationships with yourself, those around you, and the collective conscience at large. Michele continues to be a gift in my life.

– Ellie

Working with Michele was extremely helpful in getting me back on my path to the person I want to be. Her wisdom, insights, and caring allowed me to recognize my obstacles and to validate and strengthen my skills that were essential to move past the obstacles and stay on that fulfilling path.

She made it comfortable for me to incorporate my spirituality into that discovery process.

– Ann

As one who’s been in the presence of many teachers, guides and healers over the past 35 years, Michele Rae stands out to me—as a beacon of light and an ambassador of love.

One sunny afternoon, as Michele and I sat in my kitchen, I felt the depth of her wisdom. It was palpable and calming. Then I attended her Conversations in the Upper Room and experienced how she facilitated it with grace, respect and purity of heart.

As a seasoned women’s self-empowerment coach, author, teacher and co-founder of New World Women, I am rarely dazzled to the degree I was while experiencing Michele’s teachings. She enchanted me—and with her gentle guidance, I felt myself coming up higher—and going deeper—all at the same time.

I wholeheartedly endorse Michele Rae. To work with her in any capacity is a true gift.

– Dawn Morningstar, Co-Founder of New World Women

Subtle ways of knowing

I’ve known Michele since taking her class on the Business of Health Coaching over a decade ago.  From then until now I appreciate her ability to see the muck of our human stories while creating a path for learning and growing, individually and collectively.

She approaches her work from a both-and perspective. Seeking transformation does not blind her to human suffering or injustices; rather it equips her to engage in authentic and meaningful ways.

Feeling seen and accepted, held in unconditional high regard by Michele — whether as her 1:1 coaching client, a participant in online workshops, or a sister-traveler in The Upper Room — gives me the space to discover my own next right steps.  She’s good people.

– Betsy

It is my great pleasure and blessing to know Michele Rae both personally and professionally over the years.   Michele is a highly gifted and intuitive coach and healer, and her ability to capture the heart and soul of her clients’ needs is remarkable.

In my experience, Michele offers broader insight and guidance to facilitate a more authentic and powerful path for living with greater meaning and purpose.  Her huge heart and compassion combined with her higher wisdom and intelligence provides a sacred treasure to those who desire expansion and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

I highly recommend Michele for her sacred transformative work with individuals, groups, and communities.

– Debra Lewis Kaplan, LCSW, LMFT, BCPC, FAPA

I’ve worked with Michele off and on for over 10 years. I’ve participated in retreats, Conversations in the Upper Room and other workshops and gatherings as well as 1:1 coaching. I can’t articulate accurately in words as the ways in which she’s helped me and touched my soul go deeper than that.

She’s helped me to honor and solidify my “spiritual awakening” that unfolded slowly over the course of a few years. Recently she helped me to gain the confidence to plunge forward into getting a website and building into a small business.

Michele is gifted spiritually, she’s highly intuitive and a coach who’s able to foster transformation on many different levels. I highly recommend her, and I will be one of her forever clients!

– Chris P.

As a married woman and stepmom of two girls, I have used traditional therapists in the past to help navigate life with very little success.

After talking with Michele, I knew she was a perfect fit as her ability to be straightforward and get to the truth of what my habits contribute to these relationships. She has an uncanny ability to remember things I said sessions ago and is super intuitive in a way that helps my progress.

I have grown more and released a lot of pain with things in such a short period of time and am eternally grateful for this woman. If you are considering working with her I 100% recommend it!!!

– Jen

Subtle ways of knowing

I have been meeting and working with Michele, individually and in groups, for many years, and I consider her to be one of my spiritual directors.

I am drawn to Michele’s broad view, which includes traditional Christianity as well as more contemporary approaches to spirituality.Our discussions give me personal inspiration, as well as new understandings about the workings of the Universe.

I am grateful that I have someone, like Michele, who openly listens and thoughtfully responds to all my thoughts and questions.

– Ann S.

Michele came highly recommended to me when I was looking for help to improve communication in my relationship. I had one-on-one sessions with Michele and my husband. Michele, being an expert in Compassionate Communication, showed me how I could speak and listen without making anyone wrong or bad, but still get my point across in a kind way.

Through role-playing, Michele intuitively knew what I needed to hear to understand this communication style! I feel like I really found my “voice” and gave myself permission to share my true feelings, without fear. My sessions with Michele were invaluable, it was my first experience of this kind, and I felt safe, respected, and confident that I was in the right place! Michele has special gifts to share, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

– Donna Jones

My husband asked if we could pay Michele just to sit in her energy. She could be doing her laundry while we were hanging out with her and we would get something out of it. Working with Michele is truly a lasting and transformative gift.

Michele Rae is nothing short of AWESOME! She is a wise, caring, and highly intuitive health coach and leader that is helping humanity shift to the next level. Michele meets people wherever they are on their path. Her thoughtful and gentle approach allows people to trust her guidance, no matter where they are coming from.

Michele’s uplifting and positive approach helps bring people together which in turn builds community. She has the ability to guide groups with thought-provoking questions that allow for open inclusive discussions, while making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Michele has been a leader and a way-shower ever since we first met over two decades ago, and she continues to play an important role in helping humanity evolve to create the new earth.

– Terri Peterson, Breath Facilitator, Teacher, Coach

Working with Michele is the closest thing to bringing in magic and more joy. Michele is caring, sincere, calm, and has a deep sense of knowing. We have worked with Michele several times over the years and she is our go-to for whenever we are feeling stuck or like we need support of any kind.

We have seen her for individual, couple and business questions and always leave feeling so much better: light, expanded and like we can tackle the world. She helps grow our own vision and perspective and we leave with an expanded sense of knowing and self-awareness. She helps us dismantle and wash away our own blind spots and obstacles to better see what’s in front of us. We always leave feeling so much better with an expanded sense of self.

– Julianne Malcom

Subtle ways of knowing

I often say that coaching with Michele has been better than all my time with therapists because most of my anxiety and depression was centered around hating my work and not making a difference in people’s lives. She helped me to figure out what it looks like to create work that I love and shift my mindset around work and money. The thing that I appreciated most about getting started with Michele was that there was never a hard sell. We had an initial phone conversation, and then sometime later, we met in person for coffee (with no expectations).

After I met her in person, I knew that I wanted to work with her because I liked the insight, perspective, and encouragement that she brought to the conversation.  Michele let me approach her with the question of how we work together which is really valuable to me since I shut down and quickly become a “no” when I feel pressured with aggressive sales tactics.

Thank you for opening me to all the possibilities that live in the both/and.

– Veronica

Michele is a dear friend, fellow sacred light worker, and transformational coach who has been an important person in my life since 2013.  Her wisdom, knowledge and skills have not only helped me become a better coach but also a better human.

Our conversations and the work that we do together, has been in integral part of my spiritual growth.  She has a magical way of working with people by listening carefully and sharing her unique and powerful gifts without apology.  She is a bright light and someone I love and trust to be a special soul sister in my life.

–  Jill Goux, Intuitive Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, Master Dowser

Organizational Coaching Testimonials

Michele has been doing group work with the people in my office for a couple of months. Over that time, we’ve become a much more productive and cohesive group. It’s wonderful to watch leaders emerge on an as-needed basis from everywhere in the organization. There is a greater sense that we each “own” our individual part of the business, and yet the sense of unity has never been stronger. We are all pointed in the same direction and are more empowered than ever before to move toward what we want as a company and as individuals.

I have personally gained insight into my personal and professional strengths. Having new clarity on what I’m really good at has helped me to be easier with myself about what I have perceived as my weaknesses. Now I know to partner with the strengths of others rather than struggle alone with tasks or projects that don’t match my strengths or skill set. I went from wondering whether I really was the “right person for the job” I’m doing, to knowing that I have the resources to accomplish anything that is asked of me.

– Rebecca

Throughout all these years we’ve worked together, Michele has always inspired me to do better. In fact, I know that I would not be in the position today without her guidance and teachings. When I read this quote it makes me think of you because you’re a great manager, leader, and person!

“Managing is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups. It is the art of creating an environment in which people can perform as individuals and yet cooperate toward the attainment of group goals. It is the art of removing blocks to such performance.” by Harold Koontz

– Sherri

Subtle ways of knowing

Thank you again for the very insightful and productive meeting on communication skills. I love how you put everyone at ease and create a safe atmosphere to discuss hot issues. I do see the skills we are learning being used at times in our meetings. I am going to put some role-playing scenarios together for the reimbursement team’s next staff meeting so we can practice our communication skills.

– Pam

I have been in a management position for greater than 20 years in the home infusion industry, and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership meetings and conferences during this span. I have to say that the “Components of Authentic Listening and Speaking” tools that you taught our “Leadership” team in August have contributed to a tremendous improvement in true interoffice and interdepartmental communication at our facility, and thus have enabled us to take our leadership skills to the next level. We have very much improved our customer service skills and also our communications skills as a result of your interaction.

– Paul

Michele has such incredible gifts of leadership, listening, organization, accountability, open honest communication, and conflict resolution also. (She truly is an expert in that area). She has an uncanny knack for inspiring those around her to want to work hard and produce very positive outcomes. She really helped us to regroup, reprioritize, and re-energize.


What I experienced at our Leadership Training session was impressive. Team members who were having difficulty with simple communication were finally communicating. What we have experienced after the training session is even more impressive. We now have leaders who hold one another accountable for how they communicate. Our work environment has transformed from one of accusations and blaming to one of true teamwork and the ability to work through daily issues. I would recommend this service to any business looking for tools to move their team to the next level of communication.

– Cindy

I have been to many team-building and leadership training programs throughout my career. Your approach has been highly effective with almost immediate positive results within our organization. You were able to clearly define true underlying issues quickly and give us the direction and skills that could be implemented in our daily work environment right away. This training has literally changed the atmosphere of our entire branch. We have greatly improved our interdepartmental communication which has made our meetings much less emotional and much more productive. I am totally impressed with the measurable success that we gained from your leadership training and ongoing support.

– Mary

We hired Michele to help define and set long-range goals for our Foundation executive committee. She demonstrated both analytical and communication skills while helping develop a one-year and five-year action plan for the Foundation. She helped the board identify both strengths and weaknesses. Through her guidance and communication skills, the board operates in a climate of support and clarity.


Subtle ways of knowing

Michele worked with our Executive Team to update our Strategic Plan. For our planning meetings, it was extremely beneficial to have an outside party present and offer unbiased ideas, thoughts and insight. Michele asks the right questions and has a unique way of challenging us to see situations from different points of views. Her attention to detail and keen perception make the difference. Our Strategic Plan ended up very strong and well thought out, with specific action items and timelines. We look forward to where it leads us as a company. Thank you, Michele!

– Sarah

Michele and I were colleagues at the Bakken Center for Spirituality and energy healing at the University of Minnesota for many years, and now I am honored to call her friend and fellow journeywoman. I have observed Michele in both uplifting and challenging professional and social situations. She communicates with a high degree of emotional intelligence and intuitive perspectives. Her insightful and gentle approach radiates inner strength and wisdom. I highly recommend Michele as a coach and mentor. She demonstrates in her life and her being the qualities needed to transform individuals, communities, and ultimately the planet.

– Linda Halcon, PhD, MPH, RN, Associate Professor Emeritus, U of MN