Affiliates you would like to know about

Often I recommend other practitioners and like minded support people and organizations to my clients. The healing centers, healers and supporting services listed here are all people and places I know personally.  They are located in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Each are intuitive with high integrity. Feel free to contact me if you know of other high quality affiliates.

Energy Healing Centers

The Metamorphosis Center

The Metamorphosis Center is a center for exploring contemporary themes in mind-body-spirit and personal development. Through guest speakers, workshops, courses, and online resources they support leaders in these areas to deliver thought-provoking and inspiring content to enrich lives and enhance well-being. The vision of The Metamorphosis Center is to provide opportunities for people to explore their infinite potential. We all have so much possibility within us – to build, to create, to teach, to learn. The Metamorphosis Center is dedicated to providing a platform for learning and the exchange of ideas, and to helping people make positive shifts in their lives.
To learn more: 612.730.2250 Website   Laura@Metamorphosis.Center



Nea ClareChannel for Divine Wisdom

Nea offers channeled intuitive readings and transformational coaching designed to support clients discover what they need to know to step boldly into the life they are meant to live. Through her crystal clear connections to the Archangels and Ascended Masters, she channels their messages of divine wisdom directly to her clients so they can see them self and their life from a whole new, literally life-changing perspective. Her guidance assists clients shedding the fear and doubts that keep them from  leaping into a life they LOVE. Her work provides ease and an abundance of grace…plus lots of laughter and love!
To learn more: Website

Jill Goux, Intuative Energy Practitioner / Channel / Spiritual Teacher

Jill Goux provides powerful energetic support to people who are empaths that are interested in shifting the energy in their environment, body, mind and spirit through a variety of healing modalities.  She is a channel and offers light language sound healing activations, Dowsing, guided meditation, retreat opportunities and energetic training courses to her students and clients around the world. If you’re ready to shift gears and step into a higher vibration to expand your intuition, awareness and consciousness, reach out and connect with Jill. She provides a safe place for healing and growth to flourish.  (Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Channel, Master Dowser, Movement & Meditation Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Retreat Facilitator)
To learn more: 612.423.6360 Website

Jane Green, D.C., Chiropractor, Yoga, Nutrition, Health Coaching

Dr. Green’s health practice is integrative and holistic. She utilizes her on-going education, intuition and experience in Chiropractic, Health Coaching, Nutrition and Yoga to help you discover and connect with your inner healer.
To learn more: 612.423.5969 Website

Maureen Higgins, Intuitive Counseling, Guided Imagery, Energy Work

Maureen Higgins, M.A. founded Wings of Freedom in 1998. She assists clients in transforming the past, attaining their personal and professional goals and moving into higher consciousness – a perception and attitude above the normal human one. Maureen has developed numerous healing systems since 2005 including “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow®” (2005) and “Cellular Activation®” (2006), “Ancestral & Other Lifetimes” healing processes® (2012-2018). These processes are used in her private sessions and workshops.  She has made these healing processes into healing audios so that clients, and the general public, can heal themselves as a daily practice.
To learn more: 615.665.0104  Website E-mail:

Michael Isaacson, D.C., Chiropractor & Kinesiologist

Michael offers traditional chiropractic care, and also utilizes kinesiology diagnostics and energy to work on all levels of mind, body spirit. He has knowledge of and recommends herbal supplements.
To learn more: 952.474.2395 Website

Julie Jacky, Money Coach, EFT

Money Coach, Speaker, Intuitive and Certified EFT Practitioner, Julie Jacky, specializes in helping people through their money blocks and challenges by coaching you to retrain your brain for financial success. In her workshops and individual sessions she merges her passions of practical applications, intuition and EFT with a systematic approach to help you uncover and clear out hidden beliefs, memories, emotions that are holding you back from fully living your dream life.
To learn more: Website

Lois Libby Juster, Energy work,  Mind-body Integration, Sound Thearpy

Lois Libby Juster addresses the energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing.  Each healing session mirrors the individuals uniqueness and incorporates a variety of tools learned from her many teachers such as touch, movement, sound, symbol, and language.
To learn more: 612.597.6226 Website

Judi Ross, MS, LMFT, RYT-200, Holistic psychotherapy and yoga services, Individual, couples, and groups

“Feel better. Love more. Live the life you’ve been waiting for!”
Judi offers a mind-body-spirit healing approach to mental health talk therapy. Whether working through symptoms of depression, anxiety, life-stage transitions, chronic stress, or relationship issues, Judi supports clients with gaining awareness and understanding of patterns that aren’t working to create and sustain healthier, happier lifestyles and meaningful interactions. Judi also facilitates a yoga psychotherapy group weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30pm at Aslan Institute in Eagan promoting mind-body connection, psycho-spiritual growth and development, and deep relaxation.
To learn more: 612.314.6012 Website

Annette RugoloEnvironmental Healer, Transformation Coach

Your Keys to An Enlightened Life: Annette provides powerful tools to help you clear away energetic blocks and patterns that keep you from living your full potential as you align with your soul’s purpose. She offers this support through environmental healing, personal sessions, classes and products that help transform both your personal energy and the energy of your home.
To learn more: 612-394-3736 Website

Elizabeth Sullivan, Certified Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, SourcePoint Therapy & Energy Work 

Elizabeth Sullivan uses Yoga, Ayurveda, and Thomas Hanna Somatics along with alternative counseling and energy work to support people in their self-healing and self-realization journey. Elizabeth holds a Masters in Developmental Psychology and Education and has studied SourcePoint Therapy® Energy Medicine, and Multi-dimensional Multi-universe Healing modality. These energetic approaches along with her Yoga and Ayurveda studies and certification blend the ancient and newer energy healing modalities to support people living their full potential and optimal wellness as they heal physical, ancestral, emotional, karmic and traumatic patterns that block this manifestation. Elizabeth also holds a MFA in Writing and uses her gifts of writing to share these tools widely.
To learn more: 615.270.0660 Website  E-mail:

Amber Weingart, Naturopath

Amber Weingart is a Traditional Naturopath with Opulent Natural Health that strives to provide obtainable and sustainable wellness for people of all ages and stages in life. Working with the most advanced BioEnergetic techniques in the world and natural medicine she gains insight to your health and restores balance using natural approaches. At Opulent Natural Health we work with you to reclaim your health and life’s passion with proper guidance and tools in dealing with: Digestion, Skin Conditions, Fatigue, Hormones, Allergies, Pain (Joint, Muscle, Nerve) and more.
To learn more: Website

Carolyn Vinup, Sacred Sound Practioner and Feng Shui Consultant

Carolyn Vinup is the founder of Gateways To Brilliance, awakening your higher consciousness and expanding your inner light.  Carolyn anchors the energy of infinite possibilities by creating unique ceremonies that activate internal “Gateways” for personal transformation. Her clients experience deep connection to source, creation, oneness, divinity, unconditional love, clarity, peace, eternal light, joy, bliss and streams of grace. The purpose of these ceremonies is to cultivate conscious environments, both inner and outer. When these environments are in alignment, life is expressed by a welcoming and grateful heart, radiating confidence, courage, creativity, aliveness, daring to be remarkable, living in a state of flow that’s filled with possibilities, attracting opportunities and love. To learn more: Website 612-325-5162

Conscious Collaborators and Supporting Business Services

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT, Holistic Health Professional

Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness | Helping you access your Awesomeness… Naturally.
…a branch of Psinergy LLC
We offer empirical and science-based natural health therapies from modalities including Esogetics & Colorpuncture, Complex Homeopathy, as well as basic Ayurvedic Medicine that are all customized for you. Additionally, we offer more spiritual or energy-based therapies like Access Consciousness Bars, Emotion Code, and the I-Ching as well as classes to help fill in other gaps helping to create a complete solution for your everyday needs. All of our therapists are continuously learning so we can continue to bring you the best that natural medicine has to offer.
In our clinic, we do carry a wide variety of herbs and supplements for your wellness needs from top brands like Banyan Botanicals, Vital Nutrients, Douglas Laboratories, and many others. We also carry more ‘spiritual’ items like select aromatherapy & ayurvedic incense, yantras, Affirmation & Blessed Herbal candles by Coventry Creations, Esogetics tools, and other select items.
To learn more: 612.217.4325 Website

Sandra Julian, Sandra Julian Photography

Sandra Julian is an artist specializing in Contemporary Portrait & Lifestyle Photography.  She offers videography services and creation as well for your business, project or cause. Sandra’s attention to detail, love of people, love of her work, and her skill, guarantees high quality and a wonderful experience for her clients.
To learn more: 612.581.9541