When have you had an experience that radically opened you up to a new more expanded way of viewing the world and yourself?

Discussing these transformative experiences is one of my favorite topics. People have shared with me their near-death experiences, visits from passing or deceased loved ones, conversations with their own soul about their life purpose, synchronicities that changed their choices and life path, and conversations with guides and angels. When you have one of these undeniable experiences, the epiphanies you gain remain with you. They open new possibilities in your awareness.

As an intuitive coach, there are many times during a session when words and images arise in myself and my clients that provide profound clarity and insight. It may be a memory that is related to our conversation or a message from our future or past self. Information can be provided and received at multiple dimensions of our self, such as our soul or higher self. My clients share wisdom gained from a book, conversation, workshop, walk outdoors, dream, physical or mental health change, or travel. They often report our work together accelerates and amplifies their intuitive ability.

There are many magical moments throughout the day if we are paying attention at the many multidimensional levels we inhabit.

Fortunately, we can cultivate our capacity to notice subtle ways of knowing through intention and practice. As humanity continues to evolve into the emerging new era, these capabilities will continue to expand.

Here is a story I shared in my book, Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming:

I had an experience when I was a child in church listening to a reading from the book of Psalms that forever changed my perception of the here and now. The passage spoke about the keys to the kingdom of heaven being contained in the Wisdom of Solomon. In that moment it felt like a portal opened, and I was in Solomon’s temple. I heard people speaking a language I did not recognize. I could smell food cooking in open fire pits. I had an undeniable feeling I had been there before. It was not a daydream or thought, but a literal visceral lived experience.

This has led to a lifetime inquiry into the wisdom teachings of many traditions, including Solomon. Throughout my life I have had more encounters with the teachings and Wisdom of Solomon, which have guided me in unexpected and miraculous ways. While at a convention in Philadelphia, I went sightseeing one afternoon and happened upon the Masonic Temple. I remember standing in the lobby fascinated to learn about our founding fathers’ involvement in an organization I knew almost nothing about. I came upon a small-scale replica of the temple of Solomon. To my amazement it was identical to the one I had visited as a child. More recently, after a large transition in my life, I was searching for a new place to live. With my children off to college, I would be living alone for the first time in years. I felt led to an amazing six condo building in a fabulous neighborhood in my city and bought it two days later. It was a converted 1899 Masonic Temple. During my years of living there I felt protected and nurtured.

 – Page 47

Here is another story from my book:

A client’s entire worldview changed when he experienced a visit from his father. Receiving news that his father was near death, he got on an airplane to travel to his father’s bedside. During the flight, he felt his father’s presence. Upon arrival, he learned his father had passed at the time he felt his father’s spirit visit him on the plane. His understanding of his ability to feel a presence that was no longer limited to a human body changed radically. Previously he had heard these experiences were possible. Once it was his own lived experience, he began a deeper quest into cultivating higher consciousness in his life. Over the years, he has become attuned to more subtle energy and ways of knowing. He has become what I would call an everyday mystic.

– Page 47

Many of my clients find our sessions accelerate and amplify their capacity to notice information flowing in the nonphysical aspects of themselves. Here is one example of feedback I recently received: 

Working with Michele has been transformative for me. Her ability to gently, softly, kindly yet powerfully hold a vessel for exploration and growth has been an experience unmatched in my life. The depth and breadth of areas we covered in our sessions has had an incredible impact on my life- from the daily (how to manage my overwhelm on building my business) to the profound (connecting with my spirit guides) Michele was able to bring me to center, to clarity, and to accountability for my experience.  I highly recommend Michele if you are looking for a coach- she both is and has an incredible gift – you will find flow in ways you never thought you could!” – Kathy

If you are looking for support in developing your ability to access your multiple ways of knowing, book a coaching session or attend a course or workshop.

As humanity continues to transition into the new era, these capacities will continue to increase. Let’s encourage each other during this evolutionary shift in consciousness!

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