Real Life, Real Hard Conversations

One of the gifts of practicing coaching skills in my daily life is the ability to stay engaged when I enter a spontaneous highly triggering conversation. Sometimes, of course, I choose to walk away. Other times, it feels important to make the space to cultivate the relationship and remember everyone counts. This situation took all … Continue reading “Real Life, Real Hard Conversations”

Living in the New Era: Upleveling Your Loving, Serving, and Leading

Humanity is living in a New Era that is propelling each of us to our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively. Old paradigms and systems are disintegrating, and new optimal possibilities are emerging. We have all noticed it is a messy process! How are you navigating these shifts and accelerating your … Continue reading “Living in the New Era: Upleveling Your Loving, Serving, and Leading”

What is Your Body Telling YOU?

How often throughout the day do you notice what your body is telling you?  Following my total knee replacement in October, I noticed an increase in my awareness of my body’s wisdom. Am I tired? Hungry? In Pain? Need company or alone time? Need more water, spinach, or chocolate? Need to rest or move? My … Continue reading “What is Your Body Telling YOU?”

Letting Go, Again…

For years (and years and years) I have been practicing letting go of attachment. Another round of “surrendering to what is” has arisen in my life. After a string of unfortunate events, my car was totaled by my insurance company. The final demise was a hailstorm while my car was parked outside at the autobody … Continue reading “Letting Go, Again…”

Are You A Frequency Keeper?

In late April I had the opportunity to attend a conference in San Diego titled “Portals to Ascension.” Here is part of the description: We are emerging into a time of great awakening! The planetary shifts are creating an opportunity for us to awaken to live our optimal full purpose in this lifetime. As energy … Continue reading “Are You A Frequency Keeper?”

Which Experiences Have Transformed YOU?

When have you had an experience that radically opened you up to a new more expanded way of viewing the world and yourself? Discussing these transformative experiences is one of my favorite topics. People have shared with me their near-death experiences, visits from passing or deceased loved ones, conversations with their own soul about their … Continue reading “Which Experiences Have Transformed YOU?”

Waves of Creativity

Are you feeling a wave of creativity emerging in your mind-body-heart encouraging you to manifest your ideas? During January 2023, we are supported by a unique flow of energy as we shift our focus from the nonphysical realms of planning, incubating, and imagining into physical expression of our dreams in the world.  How is this … Continue reading “Waves of Creativity”

Your Gift To The World

For many of us, December brings opportunities to give and receive the gifts of time, treasures, treats, and talents. How would you describe your unique gifts? During this time of gift-giving and connecting with friends and family, I invite you to reflect on what a GIFT YOU ARE! We each have a unique divine blueprint, … Continue reading “Your Gift To The World”