Humanity is living in a New Era that is propelling each of us to our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively. Old paradigms and systems are disintegrating, and new optimal possibilities are emerging. We have all noticed it is a messy process!

How are you navigating these shifts and accelerating your full potential? What New Era competencies, capabilities, and insights are evolving as you embody and integrate the New Era energies? You are being called to be a master of transformation and change for yourself and those you coach, lead, facilitate, serve, love, mentor, parent, and teach. You can feel the invitation inside to step more into your authentic power, be a visionary, and elevate your impact. This exponentially enhances your capacity to support others as they co-create an empowered coherent life and realize their full potential.

2024, if you add up each number, is an 8 year. I am by no means a numerology expert, but I do feel the support of manifesting what I have intended and imagined. Think of the infinity sign, completing what you started. The symbolism of 8 can represent justice, leadership, prosperity, balance, and success. Eight energy suggests that 2024 will be a year of material and spiritual focus. 

I have engaged in unprecedented New Era relationships to create cutting edge opportunities to support you individually and in small group settings this year. These partnerships are infused with higher consciousness and a commitment to ushering in the New Era!  It has been super exciting for me to integrate these New Era qualities into my everyday life, personally and professionally. 

The energetic signature of this work is rippling out into the quantum field. I had 3 new one on one coaching clients who started in January who found me on the Internet. Most of my clients come by word of mouth or having met me personally through various live and recorded offerings. Each new client had mystical experiences that did not fit into a disintegrating paradigm and sought support to integrate and embody their New Era experiences and truth. 

I have partnered with Theresa Nutt and Nina Robert Salveson to create Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Competencies for the New Era 6-month course. We have generously shared our expertise, support, wisdom, and time with each other to create this legacy offering. We have no written contract. Our partnership is based on collaboration, abundance, mutual accountability, shared information, responsibility, and win-win strategies; all qualities of the New Era.

We have also partnered with the School for Higher Consciousness. This organization is also “committed to raising the level of consciousness on the planet by educating and empowering people to grow, evolve, and live well.” Here is a bit more about their commitment which beautifully aligns with The Center Within:

“We are dedicated to supporting people through this critical time on the planet. Our classes provide a path that deeply connects you to your inner power and higher levels of consciousness.”

“We inspire, teach, and empower people to develop the skills and practices needed to 

energetically heal, grow, and connect more fully to their life purpose.”

“We are building a global community grounded in the power of collaboration, the spirit of unity consciousness, and the joy of human connection to help usher in a new model for a new era.”

Who else are we partnering with that is supporting the New Era emerging and higher consciousness?

The Edge Magazine

New World Women

The Metamorphosis Center

Natural Awakenings

National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches

Here at The Center Within, we have a variety of ways to support you during this amazing time of potential and uncertainty. Here is a summary of our upcoming and ongoing offerings. 

One on One Coaching for Personal Development

Coaching for Professional and Organizational Development

Build A Thriving Group Coaching Practice and Business: Everything You Need to Successfully Run Groups Online 10-week course

Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Competencies for the New Era 6-month course

Please be in touch if we can support you ushering in the New Era in YOUR life!

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