What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era

The World Is Changing. It is Time for the New Era

Have you noticed the pace accelerating lately?  Everywhere?  When I relax into my inner knowing the image that arises is a spiral, and we are on the end of a long gradual ascent and whipping around the outside edge moving towards a long gradual ascent in the opposite direction moving across a new era.  It feels like a tide has reached its low point and is turning to rise again, or a breath at the bottom of an exhale beginning to inhale.  Yet the cycles themselves will somehow be different.

My curiosity has led me to reading descriptions of this new era offered by psychologists, scientists, quantum physicist, mystics, philosophers, healers, educators, and evolution-of-consciousness theorists.  There is ample evidence that our solar cycles and storms are intensifying.  Earth’s magnetic fields are weakening, possibly moving towards reversal.  We are amidst a galactic or celestial alignment of our solar system, our sun, and our planet with the center of our galaxy which happens every 26,000 years.  Another way of looking at this phenomenon is our sun will move into direct alignment with the equator of the Milky Way.  Most agree this is occurring now, near the end of 2012.  Often the experts extrapolate we are being exposed to higher frequency and resonance through this passage, providing a choice point of intense possibilities and opportunities.  This time of change creates conditions for new perspectives to emerge.

What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era

I trust the rhythms of the universe completely, yet this shift raises many more questions than answers for me.  As we realign, synchronize and attune to these new frequencies as they become available, what will this new era look like?  Feel like?  Be like?  We are conscious beings participating in co-creating who we are becoming.    It has been proven that our observation and intention contributes to the characteristics of matter’s behavior and formation.  Consciousness is thought to be made up of energy, and energy includes electricity and magnetism.  Our bodies and all life forms include electrical and magnetic components as well.  No wonder we can feel and know these changes at every level of our being from pure consciousness to our cells to subatomic particles.

Comparison of the New and Old Era

So I have been contemplating the qualities I see in our new era.  If our intentions create reality, I invite each of us to spend time envisioning life on planet earth as we begin our next 26, 000 year cycle.  Here are a few of my observations and thoughts:

Qualities of the Old Era                                        Qualities of the New Era

 Break down                                                               Break through

Communication requiring time and space              Instantaneous communication

Depletion                                                                   Sustainability

Secrecy                                                                      Transparency

Local time and space                                               Non-local time and space

Citizens with borders                                               Global/Universal citizens

Strict adherence to hierarchy                                  Flattened hierarchy

Hidden information                                                  Shared information

Exclusivity                                                                 Inclusivity

Despising differences                                               Honoring diversity

Separation                                                                 Interconnectedness

Win-lose strategies                                                 Win-Win strategies

Competition                                                              Collaboration

External locus of power and responsibility            Internal locus of responsibility and power

Limited energy supply                                            Unlimited energy supply

Scarcity                                                                    Abundance

Wealth through money                                          Wealth through healthy cells

Compliance                                                              Innovation

Logic dominance                                                    Intuition and logic balance

Deconstruction                                                       Reconstruction

Conflict                                                                    Common ground

Greed                                                                        Compassion

How are you contributing to who we are becoming?

What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era

What vision do you hold for our future as human beings on this home called earth?  How will these new paradigms impact ourselves, our relationships, our families, our community, our organizations, our institutions, and the collective?

Now is the time to continue investing in new skills, mentors, and activities that support our transformation into this new era.  If you have an interest in joining me in gatherings throughout 2013 designed to build community, connection, and capacity or have a private coaching session, please review scheduled conferences and classes on my website and be in touch to schedule a session.

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2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era”

  1. Michele,
    I find this article extremely helpful. I too have this sense that massive changes are happening. Reading about Human Design, many different aspects of spirituality and more has shown me that changes are coming and though our minds can get caught up in fear around this, there is a reason each of us are here at this time. I really loved the side-by-side. I found it to be calming, helpful, reassuring, beautiful and even hopeful which is so needed. Though I feel I’m ready in many ways and am on my own path to support other humans as this evolution takes place, I do have mental fears mostly as a parent, wondering how it will all be for my children. This comparison of the old era and what is happening and is to come is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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