I had an epiphany about my capacity to ‘be with what is’ recently. As you may recall from my October blog, Letting Go, Again, I am practicing surrender and equanimity. My narrative has been that to ‘succeed’ in living this way… I needed to NOT have big emotions, NOT have strong preferences, and NOT react.

WOW! I had that limiting belief all tangled up in my head.

What I have discovered is IF I have the ability to CHOOSE my response from my Center Within regardless of the external circumstances, my preferences and emotions can be immense and unwavering. There is no need to edit, pretend, tamper down, manipulate, fix, or judge. This feels so liberating! 

Yes, I can choose to have compassion, empathy, understanding, and know everyone counts. I can choose to give people the benefit of the doubt and trust they are doing the best they can. I can choose deep listening, patience, and peace even if I don’t agree or feel differently. Yes, I can ask for what I need, set boundaries, confront injustice, or walk away to optimally respond to various situations.

Simultaneously, my inner experience is free to BE. My thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and ideas are all welcome. I don’t need to cling to them, avoid them, chide them, or let them overwhelm me. I am offering myself the same kindness I wish to extend to others. Yes, I am discerning in my choices, behaviors, and communication. Yes, sometimes I put myself in a timeout to recalibrate. 

This realization is a game changer for me. My capacity to ‘be with’ my coaching clients and students has exponentially expanded. Without having to ‘manage’ my inner experience, I have more free attention and increased awareness of the subtle energy continuously flowing in and as and through me. A feeling of interconnectedness prevails. My senses are more acute and vibrant. 

2024 calls each of us to be fully present as we recommit to our own profound self-acceptance. It is only through knowing inner peace that we can create outer peace. Feel the surge of gratitude, awe, and wonder flowing as 2024 begins. Now is the time!

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