How often throughout the day do you notice what your body is telling you? 

Following my total knee replacement in October, I noticed an increase in my awareness of my body’s wisdom. Am I tired? Hungry? In Pain? Need company or alone time? Need more water, spinach, or chocolate? Need to rest or move? My healing journey has been body-led and my connection is stronger than ever to how I feel. Saying YES to my body’s wisdom is not only assisting my physical wellbeing, but also my emotional and mental wellbeing.

For many years I have been focusing on ‘doing’ and practicing paying attention to ‘being.’

I have often disregarded or ignored my body’s signs and symptoms. During my childhood I don’t remember much about how my body felt. I was fascinated when my friends and I started menstruating and they knew when to expect their period because they could feel changes in their body. I remember the first time I felt rejected in a romantic relationship and how my chest hurt.

There were intermittent sensations in my body, but generally, I did not notice. I experienced my body as dense and heavy, holding me back from more intuition and communication in the multidimensional realms. I did not realize that this sacred intricate vessel is how I connect to all the vibrations and ways of knowing in the physical and non-physical dimensions.

Tuning into my body today I recognize how much my self-care and self-love have grown over these 6 decades of being human. I have a deeper understanding as well as inner-standing of the continuous interconnection of energy, thought, feeling, breath, and the entire quantum field of consciousness flowing in and as and through me. I am literally feeling my body innately healing itself from the trauma of the surgery. Simultaneously unrelated pains in my life, mostly emotional and mental, have also risen into my awareness for healing. My body has my full attention.

This awakening more deeply to my body wisdom is a process supported by amazing healers, friends, family, and practitioners. Thank you to the community I call my soul family that energetically sends love and encouragement throughout my days. As I reengage in my coaching work, I am even more honored to be invited into the tender places of my clients and students’ lives as they too move closer to living their most empowered authentic lives. I thank each of you for trusting me as we co-create sacred space for the body-mind-spirit wisdom to arise in our sessions.

Wishing you all a holiday season filled with deepening under-standing and inner-standing of the wise amazing person you are.

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