When we embody higher consciousness, we call each other forward to live as our whole and Holy selves.

Chapter 12 of “Living From The Center Within”

My coaching clients inspire me during every single session! They can be focusing on improving their health, relationships, connection to spirit and guides, intuition, communication, lifestyle, jobs, meaning and purpose, joy, living environment, or finances to name a few topics that can arise. This quote from my book Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming reflects these powerful conversations:


My private coaching business allows me to be with individuals and organizations that are becoming more authentic and courageous every day. We explore their growing edges and release outdated and limiting beliefs while cultivating and expanding their inner passions and talents.  

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What kind of coach am I? 

Coaches offer companionship and guidance along the journey. As a transformational coach, I support clients in realizing and developing self-directed plans to explore avenues of growth and to implement the changes they desire to create a life they love. During coaching sessions, the locus of expertise lies in the client and the process is collaborative and co-creative.

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I am trained in various aspects and levels of consciousness, human development, transforming practices, mindfulness, emotional/social/conversation/spiritual intelligence, and coaching techniques. I bring my capacity to deeply listen, ask supportive questions, and provide unconditional positive regard. I create a safe space for clients to tap into their inner wisdom. This relationship and process is tender, sacred, and profound!

I utilize transformative practices and mindfulness often in my coaching practice and have experienced the life-changing shifts people make utilizing these techniques. Mindfulness practices are designed to center, quiet, and open the mind-body-heart and focus attention and awareness in the present moment. These practices also encourage open receptivity, accepting and observing without evaluation or judgment. Through cultivating mindfulness skills, we can decrease stress, gain clarity, enhance creativity and deepen compassion. As we become more mindful, we are more likely to build trust, find common ground, focus on solutions, and make better decision.

Chapter 3

Through coaching clients, friends, and colleagues, I hear daily about the stress, pain, confusion, uncertainty, polarity, despair, or anger in our inner and outer world. Simultaneously, this is a time of tremendous opportunity to ‘co-create who we are becoming’ and make empowering choices personally, interpersonally, professionally, and collectively. Imagine a world not propagating negativity, violence, greed, oppression, and entitlement. Now is the time!

Let’s call each other forward to live as our whole and Holy selves. Living in higher consciousness, we can be presence in our relationships, radiating a sense of ease and grace. We are able to be with others, hear them, and validate their experiences without any need to fix, change or impose. Love is unconditional.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the profound impact of coaching in personal and professional growth! Your blog eloquently captures the transformative power of coaching, inspiring readers to embrace positive change and unlock their full potential.

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