For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning, exploring, and experiencing new ideas, places, and perspectives.

During this time of global distress as we witness suffering in Ukraine and across our world, I more deeply appreciate the tremendous privilege it is to have the space, time, and resources to continue my own development. I find peace in my daily mindfulness practices and send healing intentions and contributions to those in need.  

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

So, I continue to cultivate inner peace for myself and my clients as we impact outer peace to the best of our ability. Engaging in the sacred work of supporting students and clients in creating a more authentic and empowered life is a true blessing for me.

In my work as a transformational coach, there are many tools, systems, and assessments that I use with clients to learn more about themselves and accelerate realizing their full potential. I have investigated the Nine Enneagram Types, Meyers Briggs Type Indicators, Merrill-Reid Social Personality Styles, values, passion and intuition assessments, and Clifton Strength Finder themes to name a few.  Through these discovery processes, each of us can uncover with more clarity our inherent and optimal ways of being and knowing. As we learn, we also increase our understanding, appreciation and honoring of others who operate in the world through a different point of view.

Recently, I have been exploring a process called human design. The Human Design System groups people into 4 specific types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. The invitation is to understand your design and live in alignment with this inherent nature. This creates flow and peace in our lives instead of resisting our natural tendencies. I am learning more about being in my wisdom and recognizing more quickly when I am out of alignment and need to course-correct as a Projector in this system. 

This quote from my assessment made me smile:

You are naturally insightful and intuitive, you may find you are gifted at guiding individuals, teams, and communities towards success. You are deeply sensitive to others’ energy and have an innate sense of how others can best leverage their gifts and unique potential. 

Here are a few more insights about Projectors. In general, they are designed to: 

  • Be a leader, visionary, and guide
  • Explore and honor multiple perspectives
  • Bring heart and a feeling of community to all that I do
  • Wait to be invited by others before engaging, rather than chasing after opportunities
  • Make myself visible
  • Sleep on big decisions
  • Invest my energy in people and places I feel appreciate my gifts
  • Course correct when I feel bitter when not seen for who I truly am or not invited to share my perspective
  • Be a masterful communicator
  • Be flexible, fluid, and open to change
  • Give talks, write books, and share with others what I have tried, failed and learned
  • Course correct when I lose focus and feel scattered
  • Slow down and not apply a sense of urgency to everything I do
  • Course correct when I get defensive, fearful or overreact impulsively 
  • Only say the things that need to be heard
  • Make things happen when I want them to
  • Not be concerned about having the answers, looking smart or being consistent (I struggle with this one)
  • Take in and process information on my own, integrating information completely the moment I receive it (doesn’t everybody? No, good reminder)

What tools and assessments have you utilized to “know thyself?” Be in touch, it would be great to learn from your self-awareness and wisdom! 

If you would like to explore your inner essence and have support creating and implementing next steps of living your most authentic, empowered life, be in touch. An initial consultation to explore a coaching relationship is always free.

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