Have you had the occurrence where you tap into a thought, feeling, or knowing at the same time as someone else?

You think of each other throughout the day and one of you reaches out? Maybe share the same dream and connect to discuss it? It is magical and mystical when you have a revelation and tell your best friend who ‘came across’ the same insight.

I am blessed to meet a couple times a month with a group of 7 women who are full-time, energetically sensitive, intuitive practitioners. Over the past couple years, we have shared our ‘downloads’ that arise in our awareness during sleep and wake time. In addition, we discuss ‘new knowing and possibilities emerging’ in our personal life and during our sessions with clients. This information streaming in and as and through us has enhanced our ability as leaders, coaches, and visionaries. In community, we have become more bold, authentic, and visible.

This month, our connection feels hard-wired. Sharing seems continuous, our connection is not dependent on being together at our appointed time. I literally feel like I am the one having the learnings, insights and ah-ha’ as they appear in my dear friends and colleagues’ awareness.

Somehow, we have tapped into ‘One Mind’ as this wisdom is accessible to each person in the circle simultaneously.

It is stunning and opening me to a new understanding of what is possible in our human experience during this time of rapid transformation.

This ‘merging of the minds’ experiences take my breath away.

Energetically, it looks like we have formed a pillar of white light that remains a sacred circle as we move about our daily lives. At times, it feels like cool crystalline energy is coming in through the top of my head permeating and activating every cell in my body. Other times there is heat, often from the base of my spine rising in my body making me sweat. There are sensations of stimulation in my heart, times my third eye in the middle of my forehead feels like it opens, other times my pineal gland deep in the center of my brain tingles. 

The last time we met, one woman shared a message that came to her offering a premonition for a request which manifested the next day. Three other women shared a story of accessing information from the ‘past or future’ which supported optimal empowered choices in their present. 

There is clear access to multiple dimensions of our being. Past and future ‘lives’ appear to be in the now moment.

The dimensions of ourselves that are not in form often called the etheric, quantum, soul, or source levels of our being, are readily accessible. Experience is holographic and fractal, telepathy is enhanced. 

As we share our similar stories, the process of integration and embodiment for each of us is accelerated and amplified. Through connecting in our ‘One Mind,’ I process, allow, and surrender to the new possibilities emerging. My resistance and confusion subside. I set down my habit of thinking this new way of being human is ‘something I already know and is familiar.’ There is a deconstruction of no longer serving paradigms and a dismantling of limiting beliefs.  I feel excited, vulnerable, childlike, and curious as I am recalibrating to a ‘new normal’ I am in the process of discovering.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you as part of my community!

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