I have been contemplating an internal reset for a few months and now is the time for action.

I turned 60 this year, and inflammation is causing a few ‘degenerative conditions’ (that is the official medical term) that are not feeling so good. In addition, there are openings in perspective and high frequency energetic experiences that my body is ‘aching’ to integrate. I have decided to embark on a six-week commitment of radical self-love.

How are you embodying these waves of change, emerging possibilities, and realignment? 

I have a favorite daily mantra:

May today’s ‘transformations’ occur with as much ease, flow, and grace as possible.  

My six-week reset has begun. Chiro visits regularly, shockwave therapy for my knee and neck, and a metabolic reset supported by herbs, supplements, and a low glycemic diet. I continue my Club Sparkle immune-supporting products. If you know me well, you will recognize this level of structure and discipline is not my usual modus operandi. 

These are not ‘old era’ times we are living in. Old ways of being, doing, thinking, and believing are up for reexamining, reconsidering, and reimagining. I invite you to join me intentionally ‘co-creating who you are becoming’ (the subtitle of my book Living From the Center Within). 

We all contribute to the sum of the whole. You count. You matter. Each of us are enhancing or depleting our bodies (on every level, physical and nonphysical) and all beings with every choice we make. Being in alignment with our highest potential realized is our birthright. Now is the time to fully claim YOUR full blossoming! 

Blessings to you on your journey of Being Human. I will keep you posted on my reset as the month progresses!
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