As I reflect today on the transformation that has occurred in my own life this past month and my intentions for November, the sun is illuminating the red and orange and yellow leaves in my backyard. Fall is a glorious time in Minnesota. It has been an incredibly tender month. 

I am in week 6 of 6 of my metabolic reset. What a commitment this has been! Most days I have seen a chiropractor engaging in small adjustments realigning my body. My knee pain has been greatly reduced through a new weekly treatment during my visits called Shock Wave Therapy.  And there has been so much cooking! New recipes and old favorites with only fresh veggies, fruit, and protein. (Yes, that means no fat, dairy, sugar, or alcohol. In truth, I will admit these have been drastically reduced but not eliminated 😊). 

I feel like my entire community was resetting in October as well. The month was filled with many opportunities to engage deeply with a variety of people and groups.

I presented at 3 LIVE workshops! I led workshops during a weekend at the Women’s Wellness Retreat at the Osprey Wilds Center in Sandstone and an all-day event called CollageX in Savage created by Metamorphosis Connection.  I have just completed co-facilitating a 5-day women’s empowerment gathering Fall Into Autumn: Being Human Immersion Retreat with my friend and colleague Nina Roberts Salveson in Lanesboro at a resort on the Root River.  All who attended these events were nourished on every level, body, soul, and spirit, by the in-person connections and conversations.

In addition, I facilitated two 90-minute webinars. Holistic Wellbeing: Healthy Mind-Body-Spirit-Heart was presented to the MN chapter of the International Coaching Federation with my friend and colleague Theresa Nutt. I presented to a group of women at WomenSpace in Rockford IL on teachings from my book, Living From the Center Within: Co-creating Who You Are Becoming. I also spent an entire morning with 40 amazing Policy Fellows at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs teaching on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Powerful Leaders. 

I have witnessed MANY participants of these events nourished on multiple levels of body, soul, and spirit during these gatherings.

I am so inspired by the deep powerful connections with SO MANY people who are CLAIMING THEIR BRILLIANCE and COMMITTED TO REALIZING THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.

There are SO MANY new positive possibilities emerging that enhance humanity and our planet every day. It is an honor to support, coach, and guide clients and students in SO MANY ways. 

I am humbled and filled with gratitude.

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