I am digging deep inside these days to live with compassion. There are many experiencing suffering, including myself. ‘Being with’ in compassion can comfort and soothe this sense of distress. Deep listening is a practice I find particularly supportive. Being heard can reduce anxiety and stress. Knowing a person (or the inner worried concern in my own head) counts can release the tension and bring ease and peace.

Self Compassion

Sometimes compassion can be tender, and other times the most powerful compassion is fierce. I used to believe that being ‘fierce’ was not ‘lady like.’ That is no longer the case! Fierceness is intense, steadfast, assertive, and strong. It supports my resolve to change. It supports all of us challenging misinformation and injustice. I am speaking my truth even if it is unsettling, disruptive, and uncomfortable. My inner dialogue sometimes requires fierceness with myself to sustain needed changes!

Getting a little too close to a mama bear

Recently Dr. Kristin Neff released a book Self-Compassion: How Women Can Harness Kindness to Speak Up, Claim Their Power, and Thrive.  

One of the questions she asks is “How many of us have remained silent because we didn’t want to rock the boat or risk being judged for putting ourselves in a compromising position?” She states “compassion is aimed at the alleviation of suffering – that of others or ourselves – and can be ferocious as well as tender. The three core components of self-compassion according to her theoretical model are self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness of suffering.”
Fierce Self Compassion

As a coach, I practice compassion, both fierce and tender, as I support my clients and students as they become more aligned, authentic, and clear. Seeing people courageously examine where they are, where they want to be and what steps it will take to get there is a true honor.

Compassion on fire

To be resilient in this amazing and sacred coaching work, I pause daily to count my blessings and practice gratitude. During this time of so much change, grounding in my body and being in nature have also been essential. Making time daily to stop and reflect on my inner experiences and practice compassion brings me back to my Center Within. Sometimes this compassion is tender, others it is fierce. From my Center Within, I can live in joy moment to moment, and support others living their most empowered life. 

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