Inner Contentment

Here is What You Need to know to Create World Peace [my reflections]

As the New Year is beginning I have been reflecting on the times I have the unwavering sense of satisfaction independent of any particular circumstance, thought or activity.

There is a still calm inner essence at the core of my being. This sensation of inner contentment is my foundation. Because of this underlying ease and serenity, I am more open and vulnerable. I find myself more fully engaged in the ever-changing landscape of events, feelings, and conditions in my life.

I laugh harder, sob deeper, trust innately and take more risks. When I offer my preference or opinion I give it honestly without changing my delivery based on how I may be perceived. If another agrees, or if they disagree, it does not add or take away from my contentment. I listen better. All viewpoints are welcome into conversations. I do not allow others to impose their “rightness” on me, and I do not need to convince anyone of my perspective. As we transform and grow our belief in what is true is subject to change anyway. Happiness reigns inside and between us during these moments.

Gladness is contagious. It can be felt in the air and literally picked up as we attune to each other’s nervous systems. We are continuously emanating energy. If we vibrate inner contentment and coherence, we invite others to resonate with us creating world peace. If we are reactive and our vibration is dissonance and irritation, we radiate discontentment into the world. This works both ways. If the world around us is chaotic or frenzied, we can conditionally adapt to the uproar. If we have the capacity to choose to remain tranquil despite the inner or external turmoil, the rest of the world will adjust to our vibration of peace.

We make small micro choices every minute that create our life and world. Our level of contentment or lack of satisfaction informs these decisions. Are we searching for peace out there, in our lover, our job, our politicians? Or do we seize opportunities and add joy to the world through contributing our gifts, talents, and passions? Being at peace and feeling inner contentment in the moment, we make changes in our lives by engaging in what expands us and makes our heart sing.

As I contemplate the beginning of 2016, I am grateful for my experiences of causeless joy. I cultivate them, encourage them and recognize them. So when the moments come where I am a “hot mess” as my 29 year old daughter calls them, I can take a deep breath, relax and reconnect to that now familiar inner contentment.

From my essential nature of wholeness and holiness, I have much better odds of making the next small choice that will serve the highest good, and bring me back to my Center Within.

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