Cultivating Miracles With Your Intentions

Your Roadmap to Creating a Life You Want with Intentions You Choose

How do we create a life we love? We really can have it all!

We continuously engage in making micro choices that impact our lives. We set intentions, often multiple intentions, every day. Our thoughts, feelings, energy and behaviors support them or interfere with them. The vast quantum field that flows in and around us responds to our intentions. Often the reply comes as miracles. Sometimes they appear as synchronicity, sometimes as intuition, sometimes as a circumstance, event or person. When I recognize a miracle that appears to come out of nowhere in response to my intention, I sometimes think to myself ‘you just cannot make this amazing sh** up!’

Identify Your Intentions

What specific intentions do you have as you create a life you love personally and professionally? Do you notice small miracles in your life that support your intentions?

Cultivating Miracles With Your Intentions

I have an intention to finish the book I am working on and get it published. I have been gifted with fabulous support via crowdsourcing funding through Kickstarter, two editors who appeared magically, a tremendous group of women and resources through a local organization called WOW, Women of Words, a phenomenal graphic artist, a gifted videographer and photographer, a potential publisher………..the list goes on. Yes, I have contributed to this intention through my own thoughts, feelings, energy and behaviors which have led to some manifestations. I made small choices to follow a lead, create a connection, say YES when I was scared and I write often. In addition, the ease, flow, and grace that has permeated this project have been crazy good. Everything in the manifest world starts in the energetic world. We call into being our lovers, jobs, projects, homes, and friends by energizing our intentions.

How does the field respond to our intentions?

Cultivating Miracles With Your Intentions

Here is an example from Lynn McTaggart’s The Field: The Quest For the Secret Force of the Universe. Amazing research demonstrates our interactions and interconnections through the field of consciousness, utilizing directed observation and intention. A 1988 study included forty healers directing healing intentions towards forty patients with end-stage AIDS. Twenty patients were randomly selected to ten weeks of distant healing treatment and the control group of twenty did not receive distant healing. All other medical care was comparable. The patient population was homogeneous and as similar as statistically possible.

Healers were from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Native, American, and shamanic traditions as well as graduates of secular schools of bioenergetics and meditative healing. Eligibility criteria were minimum 5 years regular ongoing healing practice, previous healing experience at a distance with at least 10 patients, and previous healing experience with AIDS. The healers were given a patient’s name, photograph and health details. They were asked to work on the assigned patient for approximately 1 hour per day for 6 consecutive days with the instruction to “direct an intention for health and well-being” to the subject. Neither the patients nor the physicians knew which patients received distant healing.

At 6 months, a blind medical chart review found the patients receiving distant healing acquired significantly fewer new AIDS-defining illnesses, had lower illness severity, required significantly fewer doctor visits and hospitalizations and showed significantly improved mood compared to the control group. 5% of the control population died. (for more details: F. Sicher and E. Targ et al., A randomized, double-blind study of the effect of distant healing in a population with advanced AIDS: report of a small scale study, Western Journal of Medicine, 1998;169(6):356-63.)

The power of intentions

The power of directed intention is amazing! However, we may notice if we are not clear about our intention if we are ambiguous, the field’s response is garbled or has a start-stop sensation that accurately reflects our wavering. Sometimes we can state an intention to create a life we love while simultaneously self-sabotaging with limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. A miracle can drop in our lap and we don’t notice or reject it. If life lessons are what we want, (particularly those irritating ones that seem to keep reoccurring) life lessons are what we get. If we intend ease, flow, and grace with no disruption, we get a life of increasing abundance, calm clarity, creativity, and expanding ways of knowing. Yes, difficulties still occur. As we develop our capacity to work with intention and energy, we minimize the negative impact our struggles have on our lives.

The world needs more people who decide to grow their passions and strengths and positively impact who we are becoming. We can decide to release our attachment to drama or trauma and grow our inner essence. If you are interested in learning more, please, have a look at my book Living From a Center Within.

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