My Awareness of Changes and Why It Matters

November Winds of Changes What are the new energies coming in feeling like to you?  How are they presenting in your life? For me, they feel like they are drawing me towards more authenticity, vulnerability, honesty, wholeness and inclusivity.  I have been presented with numerous opportunities with these changes to know my truth more fully … Continue reading “My Awareness of Changes and Why It Matters”

Restructuring our Lives from the Center Within [all-in-one guide]

Transitioning and Restructuring All around I see friends and clients cleaning up, restructuring their lives, and clearing out areas of their lives that are depleting or constricting.  There is a new higher vibration radiating around, inside and as us…and any part of our life that is self-sabotaging, inauthentic or unbalanced is DEMANDING an upgrade.  Some … Continue reading “Restructuring our Lives from the Center Within [all-in-one guide]”