Recently I had an opportunity to spend a few days in Boston and the coast nearby with all seven of us women in my family 21 and older.

This rite of passage started when my daughter turned 21 and asked to spend the weekend celebrating with her mom and aunties. This year my second niece turned 21 so we were off again to a destination of her choosing.

This initially spontaneous sacred activity, now repeated several times, has deepened our family relationships significantly.

As the elder of this bunch, I have been so touched to see the next generation of confident, witty, wise, and creative women step into planning, supporting, and enhancing our travels. 

What rituals and rites of passage do you engage in that make your life more meaningful? 

A few examples of ceremonial events in our time include baptisms, bar mitzvahs, quinceañera, confirmations, school graduation, weddings, retirement parties, croning, and funerals.

I have studied and participated in powerful initiations within indigenous and spiritual traditions that have profoundly expanded my perspective through lessons and activities. It is a lifetime process for me to step beyond my conditioning and programming into more clarity and acceptance of what is through sacred ritual.

In addition to long-standing cultural traditions, we can create new significant ceremonies in our life. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a spontaneous healing gathering that touched me so deeply. 

In addition to long-standing cultural rituals, we can create new significant ceremonies in our life.

A couple of weeks ago, a healing gathering emerged in our home following the unexpected death of a dear friend. Less than 24 hours after hearing the sad news, my husband sent an impromptu invitation to celebrate his life and 30 friends and family convened to share food, stories, tears, and laughter. 

Ritual is part of my coaching practice as well. Clients marking a transition will often create an activity with the intention of honoring an ending or beginning. It may be time to let go of an outdated belief that no longer serves or move through grieving loss in their life. Rituals can also be a celebration of claiming a more authentic empowered version of ourselves by stepping into an activity or mindset that supports our growth and development. Rituals can bring your vision of who you want to be, what you want to have and how you want to feel into manifestation. 

We can practice daily rituals that enhance our mind-body-spirit wellbeing. Here is a list of transforming practices from my book, Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming that can be considered as you plan your rituals and rites of passage.

What are examples of these transforming practices?

They include but are not limited to:

  • Breathwork: patterns of breathing
  • Meditation: mindfulness, concentrative, moving, open
  • Music: listening to chant, singing, toning
  • Silence: binge in quiet 
  • Smell: aromatherapy 
  • Mindful eating: intentionally prepare and eat a meal 
  • Vision: screen savers, wall colors, art, photographs, decorating your spaces, creating vision boards
  • Feng Shui: creating harmonious environments 
  • Body Movement: exercise, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, stretch, walk a labyrinth, dance
  • Guided Imagery: autogenics, visualizations
  • Journal: writing and reflecting, creating a gratitude journal
  • Art: writing, drawing, sculpting, creating mandalas, making collages
  • Biofeedback: using instruments that provide feedback on physiological changes  
  • Progressive relaxation: contracting and relaxing muscles sequentially from head to toes
  • Being in nature: walking, sitting, observing
  • Contemplation and study: sacred text, poetry, koans, myths, symbols, metaphor, archetypes
  • Dialogue: speaking and listening authentically and deeply
  • Dreams: recording, contemplating, exploring meaning and insights in dreams
  • Storytelling: examining current story, creating new story

What activities and actions do you or would you like to participate in that support your full blossoming? Who do you invite into these rituals? Do you participate in community activities that support your ritual practice? Are you ready to create rites of passage that support your family and friends?

If you want to learn more about how individual and group coaching can accelerate and amplify your process of living your most authentic and empowered life, reach out!

Also, save the date for a fantastic Fall retreat within a couple hours from the Twin Cities from October 25th to 29 where Nina Roberts-Salveson and I will be facilitating. More to come soon!

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