In late April I had the opportunity to attend a conference in San Diego titled “Portals to Ascension.” Here is part of the description:

We are emerging into a time of great awakening! The planetary shifts are creating an opportunity for us to awaken to live our optimal full purpose in this lifetime.

As energy continues to shift and hidden truths are being uncovered, we are piecing together the fragmented parts of our existence and timeline to create full circle awareness of the truth of who we are and remembrance of our connection to the cosmos.

We are de-programing and un-conditioning ourselves from outdated old era structures. This is game time. There is no holding back. As we come together, we activate in each other our truest potentials, individual gifts, and collective resolve so that we may usher in a whole new reality that we know is possible and is waiting for us to embrace it.

It SO resonates with me, my work, my writing, my teaching, and my living! I SO appreciate the deep and rich conversations and new friendships. I am grateful for new learnings, clarity, and expanding perspective. The enthusiasm of the presenters (3 in their 30’s!) and the musicians/sound healers were SO inspiring. During this time of accelerating and amplifying high frequency, I am blessed with community support as I process, integrate, and embody the vibration of the emerging new era. 

Reading this, you are likely a frequency keeper too.

You are a change agent, being of light and others like yourself are aware of the bigger picture that is unfolding. As we find each other and share our wisdom, it is useful to be flexible, trust your guidance, and attune to the flow. Your vibration triggers an increased awareness in another, a frequency that will anchor a new expanded consciousness. Thank you for saying YES to positively contributing to the new paradigms, mindset, and structures now possible as we access higher levels of consciousness. 

Many in this conference use the term ascension to describe this high-frequency process of upleveling our DNA, bodies, and access to wisdom from the cosmos. From the study of ancient wisdom traditions and mystery schools to emerging technology, we are moving through a cycle that supports an evolutionary ‘new human’, sometimes referred to as Homo Luminous.  

You are an electromagnetic creature and everything that you are, you broadcast to everyone else.

You are a keeper of frequency, light, and information. Can you feel when you are living moments of flow? Can you feel it when the energy is constricted or incoherent? The more you become aligned with your authentic empowered Center Within, the more you alter your frequency. The more you heal core wounds, the more your frequency RISES. All thoughts and feelings produce energetic vibrations that flow like waves, impacting everything and everyone around you. 

As a frequency keeper, you are most powerful and effective when you maintain a high-frequency vibration of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These emotions allow you to float on the energy current that is coming with more intensity each day; dense emotions like fear, anger, and frustration, are like weights upon your feet, they will pull you down. Of course, we want to honor our present-moment experience. Be with inner and outer tension, anxiety, or suffering as it arises. Allow it to be lived, all the way through. Utilize your tools of transformative practices to assist. 

Now is the time, we are the ones we have been waiting for. YOU GOT THIS!

Could you use guidance maintaining a high frequency, healing your holes, supporting your choices to live your most empowered authentic life? Let’s connect!

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