For many of us, December brings opportunities to give and receive the gifts of time, treasures, treats, and talents. How would you describe your unique gifts? During this time of gift-giving and connecting with friends and family, I invite you to reflect on what a GIFT YOU ARE! We each have a unique divine blueprint, configuration, and constitution. 

Every time we engage deeply with another person, we have the opportunity to show up as our empowered, authentic self.

Each person we connect with, including ourselves, is not the same person we used to be as we shift our perspectives through new experiences. 

  • What has added to your wisdom this year? 
  • Have you have been changed by a trip, book, podcast, dream, conversation, or epiphany? 
  • Has your intuition increased? 
  • Is your awareness of your inner guidance, creativity, or synchronicity enhanced? 
  • What excites, delights, and inspires you?

With a big inner growth spurt, it is possible to reinvent and uplevel your preferences, mission, purpose, and values. Generously share the GIFT YOU ARE and invite others to do the same. Approach each conversation with a beginner’s mind, listening with curiosity. This evolution of knowing and expressing our true nature is a lifetime endeavor!

How well do you know the non-physical aspects of yourself? There are multiple dimensions of yourself in the field of consciousness.

Recently a client told me she sees me as a multidimensional intuitive. I smiled. I continue to know myself in new ways as I open my awareness and explore these many levels of consciousness. We all have access to infinite universal intelligence. 

Do you have ‘conversations’ with spirit, guidance, angels, trees, stars, crystals, or whales? How do you access your inner wise guide? There are so many subtle ways of knowing that increase your wisdom and understanding. During coaching sessions, my clients and I often explore the various aspects of themselves that exist in the non-physical realms. Knowing and owning YOUR GIFTS at every level of your being, you increase access to your soul contract and gain confidence and clarity to live your full mission and purpose moment to moment. 

Enjoy this December exploring and sharing the GIFT YOU ARE to the world!

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