My intuition is on the rise. For me, there has always been a flow of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity from multiple dimensions in this lifetime. If I have a problem or decision I am contemplating, I often get information through synchronicity, dreams, and coincidences. My coaching clients are also seeing an increase in reliable access to their intuition. They often report amazing miraculous revelations arising in their awareness. Mindful living, paying attention on purpose in the present moment without judgment or thinking you already know, cultivates intuition.

One of my favorite stories on intuition I shared in my book...

I smile as I recall my daughter calling from college in California years later to ask for assistance. She had lost her access card which tracked for her meal plan and was used to get in and out of buildings on campus. A picture emerged in my mind with her request to help find it. I saw her using her access card as a bookmark, and it had slid into the pages of the book. As she walked around her apartment, telling me about her English class lecture that day and the party the night before with her friends, I could hear the book pages fanning in the background. 

Eventually, the access card dropped out of one. She thanked me and continued sharing her stories. I smile with a grateful heart knowing my children find intuition an ordinary and reliable way of knowing.

Living with access to intuition further attunes us to the higher and more subtle vibrations around us, in us and between us. With this access, creativity is amplified. Deeper understanding of self and other is revealed. Living as I am Interconnected, we become more tolerant, accepting, and loving towards others and ourselves as the realization that we are all interconnected expands.  Intuition is an amazing line of communication with the sea of consciousness.

There are many other intuitive experiences I have not shared publicly before. Here are a few of them.

I have a memory of looking onto earth during this time from another dimension before I incarnated for this lifetime. This would be a time of radical expansion of human beings’ access to higher consciousness. The transformation potential would be enormous. A literal up-leveling of the entire human race. 

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My disappointment in my lived experience the first half of my life was profound! It was not consistent with my vision of what this time would be. I felt utter despair, experiencing many people’s behavior as harsh and destructive. I had frequent ‘conversations’ about my leaving with the angels and beings from other realms that support us on this earth plane. I was continually in prayer asking for support and understanding. With the choice to live in paradise, why were we choosing this reality of war, oppression, scarcity, control, and fear? 

Through my continued practice and lots of assistance, I have fallen in love with humanity and tapped into my soul contract to support this shift. It is a messy process, but I believe we are creating heaven on earth!

Another intuitive knowing came at a retreat several decades ago. We were invited to open to the wisdom of our multidimensional selves. I ‘heard’ a message I was from beyond Sirius and entered through a portal or gateway to this lifetime. I know we as human beings are connected to our galactic families.

I resonate with the Pleiadians, feeling a sisterhood with the souls currently living in that star system in a higher dimension. There is much wisdom I have from accessing these ‘past and future’ and ‘simultaneous’ experiences. So much insight and understanding occurs ‘traveling’ the intergalactic realms. More stories for another day.

I am deeply grateful for the connection to multiple ways of interacting and subtle nonlocal ways of knowing. 

  • How does intuition show up in your life? 
  • Is it more common these days as the frequency on the planet is increasing?
  • Is your perception of subtle ways of knowing expanding? 
  • Is there new information about this shift in humanity you are sensing?

Join us monthly for our Conversations in the Upper Room as we share our insights and build community and discuss our experiences of intuition and multidimensional ways of knowing. 

Be in touch, it would be delightful to hear your stories!

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