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After an autumn of clearing, discerning, re-calibrating and repairing, I find myself moving into December 2013 with an incredible sense of abundance.  Clients and colleagues are reporting a new stability, deeper integration, and bursts of creativity and inspiration.  I am more aware of a satisfaction, contentment, and fullness resting in the core of my being.  There is a vastness full of infinite possibilities.  Resources of time, space, money and energy have emerged into a new more supportive and expansive configuration in my life.

Winter Creates Possibilities

In this quiet, dark, calm and pregnant winter space and time, I have begun to notice creative forces and possibilities emerging in a new and powerful way.  Out of this fertile ground of being an impulse arises.  In my life it is appearing as new opportunities for travel and work, an idea for an article, teaching a new class next month, intuitive knowings, writing the next chapter in my book, new clients, and synchronistic events.  It is like a wave in this field of possibilities forming…… and if it feels expanding or vitalizing, I am saying YES on every level and it develops.  The inclination takes on a life of its own and transforms from an impulse to an idea to a discussion to the manifest world.  If the impulse passes through my discernment filter and is constricting or limiting, I do not encourage development and without my attention, the urge passes.  As these waves of activities that have a beginning, middle and end require my participation, the center of my awareness continues to rest in this eternal and infinite vastness of All That Is.

What Does Creating Require?

Creating in this way is requiring a deeper level of trust and paying attention to the subtle cues and movements in my awareness.  The events, ideas, invitations and possibilities presenting themselves feel effortless and miraculous, yet ordinary and humbling.  There is a new understanding of beginners mind, realizing more fully that every moment is created on a blank screen.  Yes, we bring our experiences, strengths, passion and wisdom as potential contributors, but each discreet instant is born out of pure potential.  What freedom to embrace anew in each present moment.

Hoping your inner and outer world is fertile with doing and being that nurtures and supports your ever-expanding consciousness and expression in the world.  May the darkness of the winter cultivate the bright light that shines from your Center Within.

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