A few days ago, I had a dream where I was visited by beings from various years in what seemed to be the future.

They came in response to a request I made for support during this time of transformation into the new era. Assistance came flowing to me as a ‘transmission of light & energy.’

The closest I have seen to these patterns in my waking hours is light moving through a kaleidoscope as it spins.

The multiple images were rotating in space moving through time and contained a variety of colors, geometric shapes, and sounds. In the dream, these vibrational packets opened inside me providing a deep sense of peace, harmony, radiance, and buoyancy. 

During my inner reflections following this experience, questions emerged.

  • Did I connect with other dimensional aspects of myself? My soul? Future or past waves of vibration in the NOW?

I am intrigued and will continue to investigate with wonder and openness this profound energetic exchange.

As we move into the darkest days in the northern hemisphere, we are all invited to play and be curious about the multidimensional aspects of being human.

The vast mystery of life’s experiences unfolding in our awareness seem infinite and eternal. I am grateful for my mindfulness practices that support increasing my perceptive capacity in the subtle ways of knowing and realms of being human. 

This time of the year also finds me with more space and intention to nourish myself, my relationships, and my soul. My mind-body-heart reset and upgrade continues.

Wishing you time to play, rest, and receive during this sacred winter season.

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