I feel a bombardment daily trying to convince me that focusing on our differences and making the “other” who does not think like me, look like me, or believe like me is “bad and wrong.” A constant stream of news and social media encourages divisiveness and polarity. I am not buying it. Since I was a small child I could “see and feel” the interconnected energy (spirit) that flows among all living things. The plants, the rocks, the people, the animals. I know unity and sense it deep inside.

This has led to years of exploration of mindfulness, increasing my ability to notice and cultivate common ground. Recently, there have been numerous (sometimes heated) conversations with clients, students, neighbors, and friends about bridging this “externally imposed” divide. How do we move towards cherishing and honoring diversity while knowing unity?

My conversations with people and other beings (you know, spirit, guides, angels, higher self, God, intuition, whatever you connect to) living in higher consciousness have simultaneously increased. Here are a few teachings and learnings that have emerged.

These questions can support YOU find the places inside that are bridging YOUR divide and pointing towards the deeper truth we share ONE UNIFIED field of consciousness.

What are you seeing more clearly?

What new insights, ah-has, and epiphanies are arising in you?

What deep, bold, meaningful conversations have you been engaged in?

What are you shedding that used to be your perspective but now you “know” a deeper truth?

Where are you unaware of oppression, entitlement, bias, or greed?

Where are you giving your power away?

How have you been tending to yourself to ensure you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy?

Here are a few more ideas to ponder.

●  Be in community with people living mindfully with intention. I have two new Mindful Living Group Coaching and Connection groups that will meet twice a month for 2 hours each beginning July 12th and 15th. Would you like to join us? When you are still, in balance, trust and manage your attention in a GROUP supporting all, you have easier access to higher frequency and subtle ways of knowing. Intentional communities provide an uplift, upgrade, uplevel, and updraft to encourage all who participate.

●  Choose wisely. Every time you make a decision, consider what is the highest potential for yourself AND all involved in this moment. Let your experience of all circumstances in the moment be informed by multiple ways of knowing. There is holographic influence, our love in action through words, thoughts and behavior ripple out to the collective and beyond.

●  Expect the unexpected. There are new technologies coming in, new systems arising, previously not thought possible. We are writing a new story. There are new constructs occurring in individuals and communities that are waking up to a clearer understanding of systems based on oppression, greed, and entitlement. We are invited to raise our standards and replace them with structures that support the greatest good for all beings.

●  Notice patterns as they arise your awareness. When you see the relatedness, there is a deeper understanding of the value of recognizing themes. You begin literally to rewire your mind, your thoughts and feelings, and enhance your ability to see the interconnection.

●  Share your stories. When you speak your story and are truly heard, you can loosen your grip and move from your attachment to your individual programmed, small, tight, fear-based stories of “protect and defend” and “not having, not being enough.” This frees you to realize a deeper truth that you are AMAZING, you are spirit engaged in a human life. YOU tap into your optimal, unique full potential. Service flows from your genius and you inherently, naturally and often spontaneously contribute to the greater good for ALL.

 Listen deeply. When another person feels deeply heard, they too can transcend their self-imposed limitations. When we are heard and loved, we are free to manifest and realize our full potential in all areas of our life. Practice understanding first and be heard second.

●  Be patient. We are in a passageway, moving from one stage of consciousness to a higher, more evolved state. Be curious, playful, kind to yourself and each other. Be willing to be uncomfortable and “not know” what the configuration of your life or society will look like on the other side of this transformation.

●  Remember, you chose to be here on planet earth for this amazing shift. You were meant for this time. All your experiences have prepared you for this time. YOU GOT THIS! YES YOU CAN!

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  1. Love this Michele, particularly the wisdom of listening well. I can for sure use co start reminders for this?

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