When you imagine an ideal future for yourself, your family, community, this planet, what do you envision? This time of transformation invites freedom from the old paradigms, structures, and patterns. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a world that supports optimal expression and experience for every human being and all we cohabitate with here on earth.

I have been dreaming about this transition for years. In the last chapter of my book, Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming, I share some of my ideas for this new era we are entering into. Here are a couple of excerpts from Chapter Fourteen of my book: Imagining Our Future.

“We are living during a time of tremendous growth and transformation. We understand that expanding our awareness, focusing our attention, and clarifying our intention cultivates openings to higher consciousness. This opportunity is available for all human beings. We each have the ability to realize our full potential. What would our world look like if every individual, every relationship, and every family, institution, community and organization shifted into higher consciousness during this era? Let’s envision the possibilities.” (Opening paragraph, Pg 175)

“For eons, being aware of and avoiding danger has been a critical survival skill for human beings. Our brains were hardwired to emphasize the negative rather than the positive. We made choices based on our need to avoid harmful experiences. We can understand our human history while making different choices for ourselves. A shift could look like us knowing and expressing our genius. We could spend our resources like time, money, and intention developing and expressing our gifts, wisdom and compassion in the world. With our needs met, we could love our whole and Holy self and feel satisfied. We could create and serve from our passions, interests and strengths because it biologically positions us beyond surviving to thriving.” (Pg 175)

“The shift toward higher consciousness changes what we value in relationships. As we are no longer dependent on others to fill our holes, we can nurture relationships that mutually support our potential being realized. We call each other forward into our genius, our whole and Holy selves. We choose partners to encourage the development of each other’s strengths and passions. We cultivate relationships with people who inspire us and enhance our sense of belonging. We are increasingly sensitive to the energy of others while maintaining our own centeredness. We are more compassionate, able to be with one another in joy and sorrow, without any need to fix or judge.” (Pg 178)

“At a higher level of consciousness, we demand transparency and are intolerant of obscuring or distorting the truth. If we relapse into greed, it quickly becomes exposed and we readjust to the new era norm of authenticity and openness. We remember that we are all interconnected, and we value that which is mutually beneficial. We remember we are and have enough.” (Pg 180)

what is transformation?“The value of products and services would be measured by how well they support living cells. This includes cells in our bodies, the environment, and in all beings living on the planet. Our policies globally from industries to institutions are aligned with these standards. Innovation in every area holds cell health as the highest measure of success and development. Information on all products’ enhancement of cell health would be readily available.” (Pg 180)

“At this moment, we are writing the next book in our history on planet earth. Our mythology, the stories of humanity that contain our ideals, values, traditions and beliefs are built on our history. Our previous stories are being honored as we write our new stories from an expanding worldview. I invite you to embody higher consciousness and be in the world as an everyday mystic as we usher in this new era of humanity and co-create who we are becoming.” (Closing paragraph of the book, Pg 181)

I invite you to take a few minutes to take a deep breath and feel into who you are becoming. What are your contributions to creating in the new era? Every time you make a choice and take an action, feel into your Center Within. Is this choice love in action? Does it align with your optimal vision for your life? Does it support all living beings on earth? Together, we will create our new era in higher consciousness.

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