My heart is broken open, again. We, here in Minneapolis and around the world, are mourning the murder of George Floyd. This tragic death has ignited pain, anger, destruction and fear. I have taken a deeper dive into conversation and action with my diverse community. Do we NOW in this society, this country, have the will to change the systemic, cultural and institutional racism that has led to so many black lives violently cut short? 

I have taken a deeper look inside. 
Where am I entitled?
Uneducated about racism?
How do I contribute to oppression?

June 20 Candlelight Vigil-pic 1

In the middle of my living room, a candle is burning. I began this ritual of keeping vigil the middle of March when COVID-19 forced me to stay home. I had few inserts for this candle holder, each burn for 6 days. I wanted a few more. As the stores were closed, I ordered online. They came in a case of 24. I had no idea the candle would still be burning. Today my candlelight vigil burns in solidarity with so many candles and vigils around the world as we grieve.

Many of us have felt a new era emerging for some time now. I have written and taught on the subject relentlessly for the past decade. I continue to create gatherings for conversation, imagining a future where all choices are made on behalf of the greater good. We are called, individually and collectively, to BE love in action. Here are the last two paragraphs from my book, Living From the Center Within, inviting YOU to transcend the old era that included greed, entitlement, separation and oppression. It is time to co-create in the new era where we KNOW we are all interconnected, and we VALUE that which is mutually beneficial.

“Cosmology, our understanding of the large scale view of the universe as a whole, is also changing as we embrace higher consciousness. There is new wisdom revealing itself as we embody expanded levels of awareness and compassion. As this evolutionary surge completes itself over time, I believe we will be radically different than who we know ourselves to be today. This will be a quantum leap in access to a higher level of consciousness for humanity as a whole. All aspects of life, from the arts to government, from economics to health, from culture to families, will reflect this shift.

At this moment, we are writing the next book in our history on planet earth. Our mythology, the stories of humanity that contain our ideals, values, traditions and beliefs are built on our history. Our previous stories are being examined as we write our new stories from an expanding worldview. I invite you to embody higher consciousness, and be in the world as an everyday mystic as we usher in this new era of humanity and co-create who we are becoming.”

June 20 Candlelight Vigil-pic 3

1 thought on “Candlelight Vigil”

  1. Michele , this is so beautiful and I thank you for your generosity in sharing.
    The questions asked regarding our self awareness about white privilege are the questions I am asking myself now.
    Several months ago, after reading Whtie Fragility and then hearing Robyn DeAngelo speak at the Uof M, my life was changed.
    The killing of George Floyd has moved me to the next level and I am committed to ” going where I have never gone before “.
    I am engaged in a search for words to use when I hear someone say something that is even remotely racist. My commitment is to speak up always and to not give anyone, regardless of their age or my relationship with them an excuse for ignorance . I am also taking advantage of all of the incredible resources we have right in front of us.
    I appreciate your friendship & your perspective and I admire the parent you have been to Kendra & Kyle. You have always taught them what is right and what is evil.

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