During this time of confinement and crisis, what are you noticing that you did not pay attention to when you were in your “normal busy” routine?

As I talk daily to clients and students, I am inspired by their courage and raw honesty as each person is reflecting deeply on their inner and outer experiences. 

  • What do I value? 
  • What is my purpose? 
  • What am I afraid of? 
  • What am I passionate about? 
  • Who do I choose to connect with?

I am spending more time in  contemplation as well. I am getting more acquainted with the ways I distract myself from the present moment, my resistance, my judgments and the barriers I put up to living “full out”. I am seeing how I identify my self-worth with what I DO instead of who I AM. 

I am practicing self-compassion and patience. I am also feeling surges of creativity, expansion and deeper understanding of subtle ways of knowing. I am more continuously connected to spirit. Truthfully, I am all over the board. From exhaustion and sorrow to bliss from empowering new possibilities in this emerging new era. How are you?

During this time of more quiet and stillness, we each have the opportunity to see ourselves and the world with more clarity.

What choices can you make to live up to your highest potential?

Who do you want to be when you emerge from this imposed stay at home order?

How can you participate in co-creating optimal systems in this new era for humanity and the earth?

I have participated in several recorded conversations the past two weeks where I explore these questions in depth. If you are interested, you can find the links below:

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Tools For Humanity- Coronavirus Crisis to Planetary Healing

Fireside Chat with Laura Strong – Living Interconnected in the New Era

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