What an opportunity!

We are amidst a declared pandemic. The flow of information, fear and viruses are streaming through networks of interconnection. Humanity has an unprecedented opportunity to recognize WE are undeniably and unequivocally living and breathing in one unified interdependent {moving towards symbiotic} experience.

In part, I wrote my book Living From the Center Within in 2017 “in response to the urgency many of us are experiencing as we navigate the accelerating and often confusing changes in our lives and the world. This time of transformation provides an opening and calling to each of us to create a life and a world with more peace, tolerance, and equanimity.”

Living From the Center Within invites US to continue to open our awareness and embody higher levels of consciousness. It shares a map of three levels of consciousness in human development, each with their own governing properties: I Am Individual, I Am Interconnected, and I Am Infinite.

“If you are living at the I Am Individual level, you likely feel a sense of isolation, fear and scarcity. Energy seeps from you.” {Anyone familiar with living at this level of consciousness during this pandemic?}

“If you are living at the I Am Interconnected level, you likely feel a sense of wholeness, connectedness and compassion.” {The entire book is filled with practices to open your awareness to this level of mindful living.} The COV-19 outbreak is urgently inviting humanity to recognize our “wholeness, connectedness and compassion!”}

“If you are living at the I Am Infinite level, you likely feel the unity of all beings on the planet breathing as one and have inner peace and clarity about what is emerging.” {Yes, it is possible to embody this level of consciousness no matter what is occurring in your experience.}

As we engage in conversations during this pandemic, I invite you to reflect on this opportunity to expand your awareness and live at higher levels of consciousness. If we can live with the embodied understanding that we are all interconnected, we can make all decisions at every level that is mutually beneficial and supports the “whole.” What would transform in our lives, stories, paradigms, systems, beliefs, communities, families and organizations if we based every choice and action on optimizing humanity’s interconnection with each other and all life on planet earth?

Chapter Fourteen: Imaging Our Future invites US ALL to imagine what the world will look like if we move toward higher consciousness together. “We are writing a new chapter and history, and it can be one with more cooperative and effective relationships, business and education systems. All aspects of life, from the arts to government, from economics to health, from culture to families, will reflect the shift toward peace and wholeness.”

Be in touch and stay connected as we co-create optimal life-nurturing possibilities and navigate this shift into the new era of interconnectedness!

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