Healthy Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit

2020 is underway and I am feeling the waves of creativity and connection daily. Some days it feels overwhelming, others ecstatic.

There is new information streaming in throughout the days (and nights!) New possibilities are emerging in my awareness as well as my clients and students.

It is stunning to see new perspectives and understanding radically shifting choices to support the greater good amidst inner and outer fear, oppression and uncertainty. I am grateful for my mindfulness practices.

One thing is certain, my self-care is more essential than ever.

How are you loving yourself so far this year?

Here are a few of my favorites!

Moving My Body

Hiking up Diamond Head
Swimming with a Sea Turtle
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Yoga on the beach

Nourishing Eats

Kale Caesar Salad at Yard House
Fresh Poke and amazing salads

Connecting with Friends and Family

Vikings Game at The Lanai At Mamala Bay with TK and Rube
Golf outing 
Gift from TK: Hole in One Wood Key Chain he made 

Reading for the Soul 

Wholehearted Living: A gift from a client earlier this month

Being in Nature

Birds of Paradise

Exploring New Cultures

Polynesian Music and Dance

Practicing Gratitude

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Feeling Blessed

Creating and Balancing Work and Play Every Day (some days are warmer than others!)

Worked on each of these offerings this month. Creative, inspiring and collaborating!

These two classes started Jan 21st:

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