April is a time for new beginnings.

This month we will begin working on our gardens. A bit of clearing, pruning, fertilizing, planting. It is a good time to do the same with our lives. What part of the story of who you are would benefit from a bit of revision? Cutting a few parts out? Writing new parts in? I have recently been reflecting on my inner beliefs and values and how they are similar and different from the stories my family, society or other institutions live from. Are there stories you were taught that you no longer believe or live by?

Growing up, some of the stories for cooking I was taught in the kitchen included frequent use of bacon fat, well boiled vegetables out of a can and using two “spices” to enhance food: milk and salt. As a girl, part of the story I was told included “Don’t get too big for your britches”, “Better to be seen and not heard” and “It has to be hard to be worth anything.” Through my own trial and error, asking for help, research and curiosity, those stories have all been replaced.

One of my core story lines these days is “You can have it all.” Moment to moment we can make choices that are empowering for ourselves and the greater good. As we write a story of courage, strength, and living boldly, we invite others to do the same.

There are still plenty of belittling, imposing and repressive stories swirling in our inner and outer life. What part of our community’s stories are based in fear and cause harm? “If you don’t look like me, speak my language, eat my food, go to my church……I need to avoid you, be afraid of you, eradicate you.”


Here are some tips on examining and re-writing your story:

What is your current most limiting belief? Most negative self talk? Self sabotaging habits?

Where do you give your power away? Is it automatic, a conditioned pattern? Is it usually to the same person or people? How does it serve you?

You are intelligent: emotional, physical, financial, social, mental, conversational, and spiritual. Are there areas of your life that need attention to optimize your intelligence?

What lights you up? Makes your heart sing? How can you do more of that?

What does your ideal day look like personally, and professionally? Imagine all the components of time, relationships, work, play, alone time, self-care. What is the rhythm? What choices can you make to create this life for yourself?

What part of your life needs reframing? What is one commitment you can make today to reframe your story?

Change is not always easy. There can be resistance in ourselves and well as the people around us. For me, I speak my commitments outloud to those who will support me. I have a plan if I start in on a self sabatagaing pattern. I fail, I try again. I succeed, I try again. Self acceptance and compassion is VERY necessary. I am a work in progress!

Sending you love, light and clarity as you spring clean your LIFE and update your LIFE story!


2 thoughts on “Living Into Your New Story”

  1. Thanks for this thoughtful piece! Great timing for me. April is my birthday month and spring so lots of refreshing opportunities! Just need to take them❤️

  2. Thank you
    That was just the message I needed to hear today. Trying to focus on my health and realigning my priorities on the way I spend my time.

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