The past couple months I am finding my awareness is tapping into new information and new ways of perceiving.

In conversation with colleagues and clients, they too are noticing new ideas, thoughts and understandings appearing. Have you noticed any shifts in your ways of knowing? It opens my curiosity and wonder to radical new solutions and changes to what is possible. It feels fresh and just the beginning of more to come. I am holding the intention to receive these energetic waves of information and not reduce it by automatically associating it to what I have known in the past.

How do we integrate this new energy and make sense of it?

In my book Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming, I describe a vast sea of consciousness that contains all that is. We as human beings have the capacity to continually expand our awareness to access more and more levels of consciousness through mindfulness practices: paying attention, being in the present now and focusing our intention.

Recently, I found another useful image describing this recent opening to new levels of understanding. Imagine there is a large universal library.  We as human beings have been granted, through our own breakthrough development, access to a wing of the library we could not perceive previously. In this wing there is new information on:

  • activating previously dormant gifts
  • how to minimize resistance and maximize ease, flow and grace
  • language and communication from other dimensions
  • accelerating understanding the release of what does not serve
  • how to form alliances, relationships and teams to co-create revolutionary new systems
  • the power of group hearts, souls and minds
  • knowledge of our own multi-dimensional self
  • clarifying and upgrading the grid patterns on the planet, including our individual bodies and all life forms
  • techniques that accelerate our healing, including spontaneous healing modalities
  • access to wisdom in multigalactic reality
  • ways to integrate and stabilize this new energy on earth

These are incomplete words that touch on this new opening that we are experiencing individually and collectively. I would like to invite you into conversation, community, and connection to explore how we can create in this new era. My understanding grows exponentially when we share our experiences with one another. We are the multidimensional beings, as one and together, that have chosen to be here during this extraordinary time of transformation.

There are many ways to connect. I offer several gatherings monthly and other classes and workshops. You can find the details here:

I also provide coaching for personal, professional and organizational transformation.

Maybe you have an event where we can meet, grow, clarify, discover and play together. I do hope our paths cross soon.

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