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Excerpt from Living From the Center Within:

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Explore New Paradigms

Why during times of rapid growth, such as the extraordinary leap in human development occurring now, can it feel so disorientating? The transformational process is one of major change, which can feel stressful. When nature reaches a limitation, it innovates and transforms, evolving towards higher consciousness and more freedom.

Shifting Paradigms: Dynamic changes in our life

Exploring New Paradigms


There are dynamic changes occurring in our communities, institutions, and families. We are collectively shifting within our hearts, minds, beliefs and paradigms. Each person has a choice: to focus on what is disintegrating or what is emerging.

When we relax and trust the process, we open our imagination to create and innovate. By doing this, we are more capable of intentionally participating in impacting who we are becoming as we transition into this new era of being human. This process is the process of co-creating a new paradigm together. We focus on envisioning a future that supports the highest good for all beings. We are invited to give our allegiance to the dawning of our new era.

Qualities of the eras

What could this new era look like for us personally and collectively? Below is a list of possible qualities of the eras which are ending and beginning. They could pertain to us personally, interpersonally, professionally or collectively.

Qualities of the Old Era Qualities of the New Era
Depletion Sustainability
Secrecy Transparency
Citizens with borders Global/Universal citizens
Hidden information Shared information
Exclusivity Inclusivity
Self-serving Mutually beneficial
Despising differences Honoring diversity
Separation Interconnectedness
Blame Responsibility
Win-Lose strategies Win-Win strategies
Alienate Collaborate
External locus of power

and responsibility

I Internal locus of power and    responsibility
Scarcity Abundance
Deconstruction Reconstruction
Polarization Common
Greed Compassion
Antagonism Solidarity
Violence Peace
Entitlement Mutual accountability
Agitation Equanimity
Dominance Freedom
Break down Break through
Discrimination Equality
Communication requiring     time and space Instantaneous communication

We are each invited to fully own our role as a visionary co-creating our new era by exploring new paradigms. Lao Tzu, a 6th Century BCE Chinese philosopher and author of the Tao-Te-Ching, encourages us to do the same:

There is no need

to run outside

for better seeing,

Nor to peer from a window.

Rather abide at the center of your being;

for the more you leave it, the less you learn.

Search your heart

and see.

If he is wise who takes each turn:

the way to do

is to be.

Lao Tzu, “Always We Hope,” The Way of Life According to Lao-Tzu, trans. Witter Bynner (New York: Perigree, 1986), 75.  

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