With our upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving in this country, I have been reflecting on the flock of turkeys passing through my neighborhood since spring. My experience is both literal and symbolic.

I first saw 8 tiny chicks and one adult nibbling their way through the backyard. It reminded me turkeys symbolize abundance, connection with Mother Earth, generosity, community, and sharing. Our next-door neighbors have a 4 and 1 year old who we occasionally hear giggle with delight when they watch the turkeys wander through. Our growing friendship with this family has been a blessing this year.

In my last turkey citing, there were 8 young ones and 2 adults. Another reminded me of the impermanence of life, always in a state of continuous change and flux. The turkey also symbolizes the quality and idea of feeling content with what is, genuinely experiencing satisfaction. In my life and working with my coaching clients, focusing on gratitude and the fruits of our service in the world is important. Thanksgiving and turkeys remind me of my many sources of nourishment, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

My coaching clients often come to our sessions to explore synchronicities, symbols, and dreams that arise in their awareness.

They often feel these experiences deliver a message, provide guidance, and offer reassurance they are on the right path. Some symbols may have a shared idea of what they might represent, but often the meaning is self-generated by the person noticing. It is such a deep and inspiring process to support clients in tapping into their inner wisdom, intuition, and multidimensional ways of knowing. These experiences often support breakthroughs in their healing, clarity, next steps, and epiphanies.

I shared another experience of symbolism about dragonflies in my book, “Living From the Center Within, Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming.

Noticing recurring words, colors, objects, stories, or animals are a wonderful example of synchronicity. Perceiving and knowing through symbols that appear in our inner and outer life can provide powerful information, knowledge, and wisdom.

I had a client who was in a transition personally and professionally. She was going through a divorce, moving, and making a career change. Dragonflies began to appear. She was staying with a friend who had a dragonfly shower curtain. She received an invitation to a birthday party with a dragonfly pin on the front.  Another friend gave her a silk dragonfly scarf, and her sister sent her a card with a beautiful hand painted dragonfly.

During a session we looked up the symbolic meaning of dragonflies in a variety of places. Among many interesting insights into the meaning of dragonflies, we discovered that dragonflies may symbolize coming into a two-year period of transformation. They may reflect a need to institute changes that may culminate in the colorful transformations we desire. The appearance of dragonflies assured her she was exactly where she needed to be and allowed her to relax further into her experience. Once she settled into her new home and career, the dragonflies no longer appeared. The entire process of transition was about two years.

Chapter 10 of “Living From The Center Within”

(PS The ‘client’ is really me!)

What symbols are you noticing this month? What is your inner guidance revealing to you? How does this support you in living your most authentic, empowered life? 

Wishing you a November filled with abundance and magic.

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