When you imagine an ideal world for human beings and all who inhabit the earth, what do you envision?

I imagine a world ……

Where every child born into the world is celebrated as a seed of awe and wonder.

Each child’s gifts, talents, passions, and inherent uniqueness is honored and cultivated throughout childhood.

All systems, from families, to governments, to food, to commerce, to education, to healthcare are set up to support each child’s full blossoming.

As adults, every person contributes to the wellbeing of all life from their fully realized potential.

Resources are abundant and are utilized efficiently, moving with ease to support what is needed anywhere on the planet.

The top priority of what is created, invented, and distributed is enhancing living cells.

When each person contributes from their genius state, there is an ever-changing balance and flow in synch with the natural rhythm of life.

We are each invited to participate in co-creating who we are becoming personally, interpersonally, and collectively during this shift by Living from Our Center Within. Expanding awareness, focusing attention, and clarifying intention together will deepen our collective access to our Center Within.

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