I have been outside tending to the flower beds and pots in the yard. The connection to nature that has been amplified this past year for me continues to provide balance and wonder. With my hands in the dirt, I have reflected on my commitments to intentional inner tending. Finding space to relax with no planning or productivity, reading for fun, listening to my inner knowing, wandering in nature, and stretching my imagination are a few of my inner practices.

I have been tending to habits that are not supportive, challenging myself to pay attention and choose wisely. My spring clothes appear to have shrunk over the past year!

I am noticing my FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real as it arises. Is that true for me? Where is that FEAR coming from? Am I making decisions from my empowered self or a sense of lack?

I am rediscovering and calling into full expression parts of myself I “made small” to not make waves. I am moving more into alignment with my Center Within.

As I return to seeing more people in person, I am tending to my relationships. During time of less in person gatherings, I have connected more with people who nourish my mind-body-heart who do not live near me. What a treat!

My expression of service in the world is also a focus of my tending. I have a few new offerings coming soon and creativity is flowing through me in community as I connect with others dreaming courses and workshops into manifestation! My team of support continues to widen as I flow with new possibilities during this transition into this new era. SO grateful for my ever-growing capacity to choose where my attention is focused and tending to the moments in my life.

What are you tending to these days?

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