During this time of more online connecting, I have been invited to participate in a number of new summits and podcasts. Below is a link to an interview I recently recorded with Valeria Teles: Expanding Awareness & Clarifying Intention.

She contacted me after reading my book, Living From the Center Within, and invited me to a conversation with no pre-interview questions offered before we spoke. She told me to plan to be in the moment as she led our discussion into a deep dive of being an awake, intuitive, human being during this time of great re-aligning!

Stretching my comfort zone again!

Some of her questions were excellent for my own reflecting and realigning. I invite you to listen to the podcast. Here is a sample of the questions for your own consideration as you continue to
explore living your own most empowered authentic life!

What is enlightenment? What is the Center Within? Are they a destiny?
What is this human life about? What is the opposite of this human experience?
What is intuition and how do we cultivate it? How does trust impact intuition?
What is consciousness? How does it relate to your service in the world?
Why do people not choose the invitation to expand into higher levels of consciousness?
Is fear the opposite of love?
What do you like about being a woman? What do you find the most challenging?
What is the meaning of freedom, to be free?
What is our greatest need, individually and collectively?
What is your idea and understanding of inner peace? How is it related to balance?
What, where, and who is God?
How do you support individuals and organizations becoming more authentic and courageous?
How are beliefs different from values?
What is the difference between thinking and being aware?
What is the value of spiritual practice?
How is imagination different from intuitive thought and rational thinking?
How do you integrate living in multiple dimensions of consciousness?
What would you do differently if you knew you had only a few weeks to live?
What are three things you know about life for sure right now?

Click here to listen and to download this podcast.

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