With the arrival of October, I am engaged in another wave of deep reflecting, recalibrating and realigning. During September, I participated in a month-long online meditation group exploring the new energies and new possibilities as this new era is emerging. My mind and heart have opened further. More allowing, more trust, more willingness to be authentic. Where do I default to other’s preferences and dismiss my own? Where to I hear my mind-body-heart and inner knowing providing guidance I am ignoring?

One of my realizations is my sluggish body has been insisting on an upgrade. I have been resistant; I like my glass of wine or two with dinner every evening. Food is a way of connecting and the outdoor patio gatherings have been amazing wining and dining. It is time!! I have immersed in a 4-week cleanse. These great products are supporting me daily! Wish me luck!

How are you feeling called to realign?

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