I have encountered various points of view about the human ego, my least favorite is that it is ‘bad and wrong’. Some beliefs state the ego needs dissolving and needs to ‘die’ to be an ‘enlightened’ human being. After multiple conversations with clients about the optimal function and relationship of the ego in our multidimensional selves, I brought the question into conversation with my inner guidance.

The image that arose for deepening my understanding was the ego is like my tongue. It adds flavor and texture to my life. My tongue assists in discerning what is nourishing and safe or NOT and aids in digesting. It is used for speaking which supports integrating new insights as they arise in my awareness. It can enhance my joy and pleasure. If not needed in any given moment, it rests. My tongue and ego are innate to being human. They support this manifestation of spirit having a unique human experience in the expression as Michele Rae.

HOWEVER, if I allow this small aspect of my multidimensional self to be DRIVER of my actions, thoughts, choices, emotions and behavior, YIKES! If every decision I made was FIRST to satisfy my tongue (or my ego), I imagine it would lead to addiction and short-term me-only gratification. It would cause suffering. I would be pushed around by my cravings with no regard for the impact on the rest of me (or anyone else for that matter). So, I have been paying attention to the preference and voice of my ego. It counts but is not the BOSS of me. Well, most of the time anyway!

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