Did you catch a glimpse or see pictures of the bright light appearing in the sky when Jupiter and Saturn aligned near December 21st? I have enjoyed star gazing my entire life. I feel a visceral connection to starlight and the vast cosmos. Scientists tell us stars give off photons, elementary particles of light, and so do humans! Both bodies glow.

I imagine this biophotonic radiance lighting up my mind-body-heart. It brings warmth and clarity to aspects of myself ready for realignment into greater harmony and coherence. In addition, I take time each day to focus my attention on my outer world and offer a prayer or intention for restoration and reconciliation to bring optimal balance, health, and wellness for all beings on planet earth.

Bright light energies of high frequency streaming in and as and through us will continue to be integrated and embodied. We are all invited to remember our deep interconnection and feel our attunement with the harmonics of light. The new era has arrived, and I trust the process will continue to reveal more of what has been hidden as we co-create innovative systems that support all. The transition has certainly been a long and winding journey already. We are not on the other side yet. I believe we chose to be here to support this transformation. We were made for these times!

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