Recently I have noticed an increase in new partnerships and new groups spontaneously forming around me in response to creative impulses.

I follow a nudge to connect or someone contacts me “out of the blue.” I have an initial idea about the purpose of the connection and turns out to differently; more magical, expansive, and exhilarating than I had imagined. A new 4-month course is created and offered, a meet up group forms, a consulting gig opens, a keynote talk gets scheduled, two on line courses manifest, a person with just the expertise I need for the next step in my business appears. Are creative connections showing up in your life too?

In these new generative connections, it has been important to let them be fluid, flexible, trusting.

There has been strong guidance to leave the relationship structures informal, not to make them ridged by starting a company together or write up a formal partnership. These creative connections all align with my mission, to support humanity choosing timelines that create the highest possibilities for the greatest good. I am instructed by my inner knowing to stay open and feel. I there is a sensation of expansion I continue to explore. If I notice constriction, I consider a different action or let it go.

The guidance to give my attention and make a choice to create comes as a YES. It is an inner knowing and body sensation to follow this lead, call this person, read this article, connect.

It is a generative impulse.  I am engaged in a co-creative process inspired by information from multiple layers of mySelf and other beings in multiple dimensions. I have a sense of certainty for the next step, and completely open as to the ultimate opportunity that may emerge. It is a moment to moment practice of not being attached to the outcome.

Here is one example. I was speaking to my virtual assistant about the QuickBooks she assists me with and she mentions the organization she works for full time is looking for providers for continuing education for it’s coaching members. I had done a webinar for them in the fall and it was highly regarded, would I be willing to go through the process of becoming a CE provider and create on line courses? Simultaneously, my friend and I offered an all-day workshop and had been asked to offer it on line as well for those who could not attend. On line courses? I teach several through the University of Minnesota but had not considered offering through The Center Within. Today I have two channels of offerings on my events, workshops and classes page. One for CE for Health and Wellness coaches, the other for spiritual development. I am currently engaged with a variety of amazing teachers and healers to co-create course for both. These creative connections continue to inspire new offerings that will contribute to the planet through my soul mission.

YOU are invited to pay attention to what opportunities are presenting to you. It is through creative connection that we are bringing in new higher frequencies and grounding this light in our bodies and on the planet. We are co-creating heaven on earth!


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