New beginnings require a letting go of the old and embracing the new.

I have been observing MANY old patterns unraveling in the surges of the present energy. I see it all over the planet in current events, as well as in my own life and the lives of clients and students. The invitation is to surrender what no longer serves and give our focus and attention to what we are creating. The new beliefs, structures and systems in construction resonate with a higher frequency that optimizes the greater good. We are due for an upgrade in many areas!

What are you observing and experiencing? Any destruction and reconstruction?

At times I am frustrated with the process. It feels like I am “working hard”, lots going on, but not much to show for it. I am needing more rest, more patience, and time to allow for the simultaneous deconstructing and reconstructing.  There is gratitude and grace in the process as I experience some grief around pieces that are being dismantled and excitement about what is being resurrected.

It made me smile last week when I walked into my office. Outside my window the road and lawn have been dug up. Upon investigation, I was told the city was upgrading the drainage system. Seriously, it seems inescapable!

There are natural transitions where we begin and end simultaneously in our lives. My nephew moved into his dorm at the U of MN this week. He is leaving an old familiar routine and home to continue increasing his knowledge and expand his experiences. Several of my clients have completed the “training” phase of their lives and are launching into service in the world from their embodied mastery.

In my business, I am inspired to up-level my use of technology and create new podcasts, on line courses, MP3s and videos. I have new information streaming in when I am quiet, still and connected to these new subtle energies flowing in and through us. It is far beyond the usual intuitive and synchronistic ways of knowing. I am excited to share what this focused attention has provided in the retreats and gatherings I will be hosting this month and beyond and learning from those who are present. Simultaneously I know that some of the more conventional topics I have focused on in my business are no longer interesting me and it time to let them go.

There is a up-level of understanding on how we are influenced by our past lives. I can literally see parts of “me” in different lifetimes. There is a mechanism by which we inherit energetic patterns from our ancestors that is also much clearer for me than ever before. The images of imprints being passed from generation to generation until they are cleared and healed has been extraordinarily useful in my coaching sessions and my own reconstruction. Connecting to the pieces of “myself” that are in other dimensions has provided a “download” of inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional wisdom. I have a much sharper sense of who we are evolving into individually and collectively.

I am surrendering into the process more fully every day. It is a mystery revealing itself. I remember to breath, stay connected to my tribe, and practice gratitude daily. I invite you to be on the path with me. Blessings to you on your journey.

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