The shift into 2018 has occurred, Happy New Year!

The energy of 2018 will support manifesting our hearts desires. This year, there is assistance abound.

This is a perfect year for the baby, maybe a business idea or book or art project, you have been growing to be born. To maximize this opportunity, we are invited to be very clear about what we are creating. How will you direct your resources of time, money, and attention? Now more than ever mindful living is required. Your capacity to live from your center within and not be tossed around by internal and external ruckus will allow you to be in the arena instead of complaining about the chaos and unable to be part of the group that is co-creating who we are becoming.

what is transformation?

Creating in this newera will be maximized working in fluid teams. The old way of king of the hill, getting ahead by stepping over others, is outdated. Collaboration will produce results greater than the sum of the parts. What relationships and activities will enhance your contributions to the greater good? I feel invited to create connection with those of us called to be inventors of the new sustainable structures. For me, I find great value in connecting with people resolute on living with clarity and intention. That is why I treasure engaging with my coaching clients one on one and in my workshops! We support and encourage each other in our choices to live from our Center Within.

Systems and structures that are destructive and oppressive will continue being exposed. Just as we have recently observed an outcry in past tolerance for sexual harassment, more longstanding systems of corruption will topple. Live in integrity. We are moving towards an era where we as human beings will have a heightened sense of perception, able to easily feel the energy of other people and all life we share planet earth with. To survive, we need to have a high degree of personal and mutual accountability to thrive as we become more evolved.  Those who do not will not be supported in the new era.

Join me! Take a few minutes in this time of new beginnings to examine and release all that will not serve you moving forward. What beliefs, limiting ideas of not enough, fears, insecurities or grudges keep you stuck? Take a deep breath in and let them go. 2018 more than ever, we are invited to focus on expanding what makes our hearts sing. Now is the time!

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