I often say that coaching with Michele has been better than all my time with therapists because most of my anxiety and depression was centered around hating my work and not making a difference in people’s lives. She helped me to figure out what it looks like to create work that I love and shift my mindset around work and money. The thing that I appreciated most about getting started with Michele was that there was never a hard sell. We had an initial phone conversation, and then sometime later, we met in person for coffee (with no expectations).

After I met her in person, I knew that I wanted to work with her because I liked the insight, perspective, and encouragement that she brought to the conversation.  Michele let me approach her with the question of how we work together which is really valuable to me since I shut down and quickly become a “no” when I feel pressured with aggressive sales tactics.

Thank you for opening me to all the possibilities that live in the both/and.

– Veronica

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