My husband asked if we could pay Michele just to sit in her energy. She could be doing her laundry while we were hanging out with her and we would get something out of it. Working with Michele is truly a lasting and transformative gift.

Michele Rae is nothing short of AWESOME! She is a wise, caring, and highly intuitive health coach and leader that is helping humanity shift to the next level. Michele meets people wherever they are on their path. Her thoughtful and gentle approach allows people to trust her guidance, no matter where they are coming from.

Michele’s uplifting and positive approach helps bring people together which in turn builds community. She has the ability to guide groups with thought-provoking questions that allow for open inclusive discussions, while making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Michele has been a leader and a way-shower ever since we first met over two decades ago, and she continues to play an important role in helping humanity evolve to create the new earth.

– Terri Peterson, Breath Facilitator, Teacher, Coach

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