Michele listens closely, asks questions – and then helps you both to tap your inner knowledge and wisdom; and complements and guides that by her vast knowledge and practice of mindfulness and neuroscience. I always walk away calmer, wiser, and energized. – Kate


Michele is part therapist, life coach, spiritual coach, and all angel. She has transformed my life by helping me re-think aspects of it. I am so thankful for our time together. – Holly


Michele challenges me to dig deep for answers, and always speak my truth. I leave our conversations with a sense of clarity and empowerment when I often times enter the conversation with a lot of angst and uncertainty. – Eva


I was introduced to Michele by my sister, Holly when I was going through a very dark period in my life. I had all but lost my spirituality. My sister refers to Michele as an Angel I would have to agree. I always looked forward to my time with her because I always left more … Continue reading “Doug”


Michele’s transformative process teaches and demonstrates awareness, unconditional surrender and alignment with Life’s wisdom and energy. Her life and teachings helped me with the process of unlearning, breaking old negative behavior patterns that kept me trapped into false belief systems. She uses awareness, patience and practical methods, to help individuals and groups become free from … Continue reading “Bill”


I worked with Michele as part of a post-grad program at the U and found her input to be invaluable. Her ability to hold neutrality, demonstrate acceptance, and demand integrity was a magical combination for me. I recommend her as a resource for my clients and friends without reservation. – Jane


Michele’s insights and intuition have significantly changed my perspective on how I view many things in my life. Her thoughts and words stay with me daily. Michele has helped me to “Be true to myself”. Very simple but everlasting. – Tom


Michele is a strong, wise, intuitive woman with a gift of sacred presence. She is a skilled listener who exudes compassion and creates safe space that invites vulnerability, risk, and growth. Michele helps me feel validated. She helps me name the holes in my life and coaches me to shift my energy toward holiness. She … Continue reading “Ellie”